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A Beginner's Guide to Dream Interpretation and 6 Common Dreams

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We’ve all wondered at some point or another what the heck did I just dream? And what does it mean? We have discussed with a dream expert about what is really going on when we get some shut-eye and how we can make sense of our dreams once we wake up in the morning.

What Your Dreams May Be Telling You

While there’s no straight answer, theories that dreams don’t mean anything to our waking existence pales in comparison to what dreams mean are something expert psychologist Rubin Naiman, Ph.D. deals with. He states that a lot of neuroscientists these days believe REM sleep gets the brain involved with handling maintenance tasks and every now and then kicks up the dust, visually. But overall, dreaming is chalked up to being totally meaningless. On the other end of the spectrum, indigenous Australians believe dreaming is connected to our spiritual existence. The most generally accepted concept of dreams is that they’re memory consolidation. Basically, a dream is a reflection of waking life, kind of like a funhouse mirror. It’s important to not interpret a dream literally, but instead, tap into the emotions they evoke and question what the meaning is, but it’s important to note that not all dreams need to be translated.

Common Dreams and What They Mean: 

Teeth Falling Out

The idea of teeth falling out is related to confidence and self-esteem. The embarrassing idea that teeth could fall out evokes feelings that may involve dealing with shame.


The lack of control is one of the most common dream themes. Falling represents personal struggle and stress carried over into your dreams.

Being Chased

Being chased in a dream could mean running away from a problem in the real world. Your subconscious mind is telling you to avoid something.


Pregnancy dreams often represent growth and change. If something in your life is evolving, whether it be a relationship or project, thoughts of being pregnant may pop into your head at night.

Seeing Snakes

Healing and transformation are associated with seeing snakes in your dream. The shedding of snakeskin means change. Is your snake trapped in a box? Or, are you afraid of it or not? Ask these questions to determine what the snake in your dream could mean.

Premonition Dreams

Have you ever had a dream and then it happened in real life? These types of dreams are difficult to explain, but you may want to continue exploring your intuitions.

Remembering Your Dreams

Stress, eating processed food, and alcohol directly impact how much REM sleep you get. This also impacts how much time is spent dreaming, which in turn, creates a struggle for people trying to remember their dreams. It’s best to avoid drinking alcohol right before bed. Also, if you’re trying to recall your dream, stay in bed a while and tap into your half-asleep, half-awake state. Most people hop right out of bed to begin their day offering little time to reflect on what they dreamed that night. Write down or make an audio recording right when you wake up to recall what you dreamed of. Making this bridge between the dream world and the real world is a great practice.