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About the Element of Fire

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The Element of Fire

The four elements represent a fundamental component of the zodiac, and each chart has Fire, Earth, Air, and Water represented in some way. Each element is of equal importance and can give us plenty of insight into how people of certain zodiac signs interact with the world. The three Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.     

Fire Signs

Just like fire itself, people with a fire sign tend to be warm, passionate, and inspirational. Although it often gets the best of them, Fire signs are impatient by nature and never stop moving no matter what is in their way. They rarely reflect on the past due to their impulsivity and tend to live life with little to no regrets. All three Fire signs share common qualities of enthusiasm, individualism, and self-confidence.

Aries Fire Sign

Often known as the pioneer or warrior, Aries are natural charmers that love to take charge of certain situations. They are the first sign of the zodiac, making them focused, determined and independent leaders of their own lives. 

Leo Fire Sign

Leos are often described as outgoing and charismatic. Either by personal proclamation or through a creative presentation, Leos always have a way of announcing their arrival into a room.

Sagittarius Fire Sign

Sagittarius is the fun-loving, spontaneous adventurer out of the three signs. They are always on the move and tend to be very flexible when it comes to change, allowing them to easily adapt to new environments. 

All of the fire signs are especially good at one thing: making things happen. Fire signs have positive polarity, which means that they are often seen as extroverts that are outwardly expressive in their actions. They almost never second-guess themselves, causing them to stick to their goals no matter what. Fire signs are natural-born go-getters, constantly racing toward the future and never looking back.