Author - KJ Atlas

KJ Atlas

KJ Atlas is an astrologer and writer based in Portland, OR, US. While much of her astrology knowledge is self-taught, she has formally studied at the Portland School of Astrology and is a graduate of the certificate program. She also is a long-term contributor for Jan Spiller Astrology.

KJ’s approach to astrology is heavily based in psychology and influenced by her educational background in science and health. In her astrology practice, where she offers natal chart, transit, and locational astrocartography readings, she especially loves working with people who are new to astrology and have the same curiosity that led her to discover the perspective-shifting language of archetypes.

When it comes to keeping up with your horoscopes, KJ’s best advice is to read for both your Sun sign and Ascendant sign, which is based on the time you were born. You can learn more about KJ at or find her on Instagram (@kj.atlas).