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Pick your sign to read your daily love horoscope and see what’s next for your love life!

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week Yesterday

Read yesterday’s horoscope and reflect on the romance in your day and where you are now! Meditating on yesterday can help you better prepare for tomorrow all while learning more about your love life and yourself.

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week Today

Read your love horoscope for the day to understand where you are now romantically! Reading your daily love horoscope is the best way to make the most of your day and learn what the stars have in store for your love life.

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week Tomorrow

Read tomorrow’s daily love horoscope and see where your love life is headed in the near future! The best way to prepare for tomorrow’s romantic endeavours is to read your free daily love horoscope.

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What is a Love Horoscope?

Astrology uses the planets, stars, and other celestial bodies to help us sort through the complexities of romance and guide us towards more meaningful relationships. Using love horoscopes, we can see how the alignment of the stars, moons, and planets can affect our love life based on your zodiac sign and birth chart.

Love horoscope is based primarily around the three celestial bodies of love: the moon, Mars, and Venus. The moon rules our feelings, moods, and emotions. These traits are part of our core and therefore translate to the core or any relationship we may be in. Mars is the planet of aggression and determines how we will act on said feelings and emotions. Lastly, Venus determines how we love and feel about those around us. Together these three celestial bodies and their changing placement in the sky can determine how our love life will go each day.

As the sky changes, so does your love horoscope. To stay updated with the changing sky and romance that follows you can read your free daily love horoscope and start incorporating astrological wisdom and predictions into your everyday love life.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Compatible?

Each zodiac sign is unique and comes with its own dominant personality traits and core values. Similarly, each zodiac pairing is unique. Some signs are very compatible and work together easily, while others clash in more ways than one.

Reading your daily love horoscope can help you begin to better understand yourself, your partner, and your relationship. Your love horoscope can give you daily insights into your love life, but learning about sign compatibility can teach you how your zodiac sign may fit with your partner’s sign long term.

How do you know if your sign is compatible with your partner? The alignment of your celestial bodies of love and your partners together can be a complex combination. However, the alignment and how these planets, stars, and moons move through the sky determines how relationships will flow.

Luckily, you don't have to take out a map of the stars and do these calculations yourself, a zodiac compatibility calculator can do it for you. By using the compatibility calculator you can easily see your relationship compatibility on many different levels. From strengths to weaknesses and even ideal date ideas, the calculator will help you better understand your relationship now and romantic future.