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Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Chinese believe the animal ruling one’s birth year has a profound influence on personality, and destiny.

  • 1929
  • 1941
  • 1953
  • 1965
  • 1977
  • 1989
  • 2001
  • 2013
  • 2025
  • 2037

The Snake does not move at the fast pace of many other animals, so it was not among the first to arrive at the Jade Emperor’s Party. It actually arrived at the exact same time as the Dragon, but the Snake’s small size led it to be overlooked, causing it to come in sixth. The Snake belongs to the Earthly Branch sì, and it is connected to the early morning hours of nine to eleven. In the myths, the world was made by a snake body with a human head. Despite this association, the Snake is associated with witchcraft and is not a positive sign. The most recent years of the Snake were 2013 and 2001 and the next is 2025.


Personality and characteristics

Snakes are not as easy to read as other people, but what is easily understood about them is how fully they love. One reason people have a hard time reading this is because they have little patience for small talk, and they like to focus on more important things. Despite this, they have a good sense of humor. They have a steady demeanor, not getting swayed by things being hectic around them, and they are assured in their choices without needed people to validate them, stemming partly from their inability to trust people. They are intelligent and sharp, and people often underestimate them as Snakes speak unhurriedly.



Snakes get along great with Monkeys, as together they are the yin and yang, and that’s going on top of the personality traits they have in common. Roosters and Snakes may not seem like a perfect fit, but Snakes like how capable Roosters are and how exquisite their taste is. Another strong match for Snakes are Oxen, as Snakes admire how dependable they are while being loving and comforting back. Tigers do not get on well with Snakes, as they have little they see eye to eye on and are distrustful of one another. Pigs are another poor match for Snakes, thanks to mutual suspicion.



Snakes are fussy when it comes to food, which makes them often fail to eat healthy, going for their preferred indulgences rather than having a balanced meal. This may lead to various health issues, especially if they have diseases that run in the family. Mentally, they can have problems due to them letting emotions build up, as they often lack an outlet to express themselves with people. They also have a lot of work stress, and this can cause heart problems later in life.



Snakes quick wits are their great assets in their work. They love to think on their feet, and they also love to have a healthy competition. They are not easily boxed into other people's rules, and they like to go their own way, which makes them better leaders than followers. Sports are good career options for them, as are high up jobs in management. Where they do not excel are jobs where they are cogs in the machine and just have to do what they are told. Even in positions that suit them, though, snakes would be well served to listen more to the people around them and learn from them, which will get them respect from other people in the process.


Lucky things
  • Colors: red, yellow, black
  • Numbers: 2, 6, 8
  • Directions of auspiciousness: southwest, south
  • Directions: northwest
  • Directions of love: south
Unlucky things
  • Colors: white, gold, brown
  • Numbers: 1, 6, 7


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