Your Love Horoscope for October 4th, 2022

Pluto is in your 5th house of fun, hobbies, children, and socializing, so any of these areas might feel intense lately. A trine to Mercury can help, especially as Mercury is in your sign right now, helping you find the words to express yourself and assert your right to have enjoyment in your life. If single, getting out and about can yield excellent results today with this aspect, as people will be extra talkative, and you will enjoy yourself and build sturdy bonds that stand the test of time. Your love horoscope for today ended, but there are plenty more love fortunes waiting to be told. Continue to your love fortune >>


General Horoscope

Moon shifts into Aquarius today, giving you a taste of freedom and a real chance to improve both your physical and emotional health. In your 6th house, you will find the drive and energy to work on your routines, you... Read your Virgo general horoscope for today >>

Wealth Horoscope

Venus, the ruler of your finances, is moving closer to the Sun in your financial zone, so this is a golden time for you financially. Take every opportunity to boost your resources and plan for your future stabilizing from Venu... Read your Virgo wealth horoscope for today >>

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