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How to Detect a Crush Using Zodiac Signs

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If you knew exactly who had a crush on you, dating would be a lot easier. Unfortunately, life is not so simple, which is why we look to the stars for guidance. If you’re trying to figure out if someone is into you, knowing their zodiac sign could help you find your answer.

Each zodiac sign has its own ways of showing they’re into you, with some signs being more obvious than others. Understanding how each zodiac sign bears their heart will allow you to pick up on the signs, even the subtle ones.

Since the dating life for most of us has slowed down a bit during quarantine, this presents a great opportunity to reflect on different romantic behavior patterns of each zodiac sign. Do this, and you’ll be all the more ready when it’s time to get back out there!



Aries isn’t exactly known for being indirect, whether we’re talking about war or love. If they’re crushing on you, it’ll be as subtle as a battleaxe at the dinner table.

If love is a battlefield, Aries will fight relentlessly to become the object of your desire. Quick to action, if you catch their eye they won’t hesitate to jump into battle for your affection.

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Taurus is a lover of the finer things in life, and when it comes to romantic love, they like to shower their desired with sweetness and tokens of their love.

What Taurus does not take kindly to, however, is when others interfere with their personal affairs. Be wary of splitting your affection between Taurus and another, lest the bull rear its horns in jealousy.  


When Geminis crush, they tend to be rather bashful, and are probably way too nervous or shy to profess their feelings directly. If you get invited to a group gathering though, that’s your in!

When surrounded by their crew the Gemini shines, as will their affection for you. While their friends regale you with tales of Gemini’s greatness, they can let loose and focus on you with confidence.

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Cancers like to take some time with a new crush, testing the waters and getting their footing. Fear not, as once they do, they will happily take the initiative to ask you out.

From the very first date, you will see Cancer come out of their shell and reveal their inner depth. With claws made for holding, all you’ll have to say is “never let go.”



Despite being the proud and ferocious type, Leos tend to meow rather than roar when their heart is captured by a new flame. When the lion blushes your way, it’s a good sign they’re crushing on you.

Worry not, as the ferocious passion of Leos will be in full effect once they enter the new relationship. Expect to be showered with affection, gifts, and acts of love regularly as they seek to become new pride and joy.



In romance, Virgos are on the search for a mental match. They want someone who can go from a high-minded discussion of ideals to dealing out a clever comeback with ease.

Their love of intellectual challenge may lead them to be a bit overly critical at times, but with Virgo, this is a good sign of interest. Show them you can take it in stride, and they’ll loosen up.

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Libra’s generally take a balanced and judicial to life. With love, however, they follow their heart to the one they know will bring balance to Libra’s personal scale.


It’s not too hard to tell when they’re into you, as they love to shower their romantic interest admiration and praise about how you complete them.


Scorpios love to talk about anything and everything, all the time. They have no problem getting deep with people they just met, so admittedly it can be hard to tell if they’re into you at first.

They aren’t shy about moving on if they lose interest, so if they’re staying engaged with you that’s a good indication of romantic interest. Keep up whatever you’re doing, and you’ll be their new favorite conversation topic.

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Lovers of the path less traveled, Sagittarians can appear somewhat enigmatic at first glance. Their language of love is honesty – Sagittarius speaks from the heart to those they fancy.

Matching their openness and intellectual curiosity is the arrow to the Sagittarians’ heart. Aim true and you’ll know quickly if they’re interested when they let you into their circle of truth.



Capricorns are the poster children for serious business, and in love, they seek someone with their life together. Romance is a partnership, and they build their partnerships on mutual respect.

Show them how you reign over your domain and open the door to their heart. If they start talking about how they would do it, you know you’ve got them hooked.

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Don’t expect Aquarius to be direct in letting you know they’re into you. They prefer a more subtle approach, and their shyness may seem like standoffishness to the untrained eye.


If they’re interested, they’ll drop hints regularly. It’s up to you to pick up on their breadcrumb trail of social media likes, passing compliments, and indirect glances.   


As a myriad of different fish are able to navigate their annual movements by simply knowing what they have to do, Pisces brings a similar type of knowing to romance. They will know their crushing before it even starts to happen.

When it does, they won’t wait – they take a direct, often creative approach. When you find yourself still on the phone together at two in the morning, you’re in.