Your Horoscope for April 1st, 2023

This is a lovely day to spend indulging in your hobbies. You should do something fun and spend time around children, Aries. This is due to Jupiter and Mercury in your 1st house trine the Moon in Leo in your 5th house. Your ability to communicate well with your partner and children is also positively enhanced. You may overeat, which could cause weight gain. You're prone to liver, lungs, hands, and stomach issues today. The stars have spoken. If you are looking for more insights about your day or near future - check your daily tarot reading >>



This is a great time to tell your partner how you feel about them, Aries. You can easily translate your romantic feelings into words without getting too caught up in the details. This is due to Mercury in Aries i... Read your Aries love horoscope for today >>


You're prone to overspending today. You may even overindulge in luxurious items you don't need today. This is due to Venus in your 2nd house squaring the Moon in Leo in your 5th house. So buying a gift for you... Read your Aries wealth horoscope for today >>