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With so many celestial actors at play each day, our daily horoscopes help to put it all in perspective so you can make the most of your day.

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Each month brings new opportunities and influences to our lives. Our monthly horoscopes lay out the trends of each month so you can be prepared for what comes your way.

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Every year the cosmos shifts to create a new tapestry of the sky. Our yearly horoscopes will guide you to see the broader flow of the year, and plan accordingly.

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Love horoscopes: The Romance in Your Stars

In astrology, we use the planets and stars to sort through the complexities of romance and guide us towards more meaningful relationships. Using love horoscopes, we can look at how the characteristics and tendencies of your zodiac sign interact with other signs to identify what matches are most compatible.

Some signs, like Taurus and Cancer, make a great match because they have shared values and life goals. Taurus and Aquarius, on the other hand, have drastically different personalities that are more likely to clash than come together. To help you start to incorporate astrological wisdom into your love life, get your free love horoscope today!

Wealth horoscopes: Finding Stability in the Night Sky

In Astrology, wealth isn’t just about money. Instead, we also consider wealth in terms of the resources we use to bring financial security and stability to our lives. Our individual wealth isn’t exclusively tied to work, but can be shared across families, and sometimes even communities. We find wealth in collaborating with others, whether for business or at home.
By looking at the movement of planets through your birth chart and your house of finance, our free wealth horoscopes help you to identify opportunities to generate greater wealth and stability, while avoiding potential pitfalls along the way. Get your wealth daily horoscope for today!

Health horoscopes: Self Care with the Stars

Astrology has long sought to understand what the stars and planets can unveil about human health and wellbeing. Yet in the hustle and bustle of our modern lives we so often neglect our health and wellbeing in pursuit of our goals. In our weekly health horoscope, we use the zodiac and planetary movements to identify the places in our life that need physical rebalancing.
Sometimes we get so busy we need the push to slow down and take a self care day. Other times they remind us to get outside and get activated if we have been too sedentary.

Career horoscopes: Be Your Best With Jupiter and Friends

The zodiac signs and planets can reveal significant insight into our career path, professional challenges, and conditions for success. Those under the signs of Taurus and Capricorn, for example, are likely to be naturally career-driven people. In contrast, airy and free flowing Aquarius may have a more difficult time settling in on a single career path.

In our free career horoscopes, we use your zodiac sign and birth chart to see not only your professional tendencies, but also how the movement of planets influences your career path. By looking at the position of expansive, growth-centric Jupiter relative to your 10th house of career, for example, we can identify places in your daily life to take action towards career growth.

More About Astrology Horoscopes

Horoscopes use your zodiac sign to create accurate horoscope readings based on how the planets align with the astrological houses on your birth chart. Each house has domain over different areas of life, from love and family to career and wealth. We look to accurate horoscopes, like our daily horoscopes and weekly horoscope readings, to find greater meaning in daily experiences and identify places where we can take action and improve our quality of life.

For your free daily horoscopes, we use your chart to provide an accurate reading of how the flows of love and wealth interweave with your daily rhythms. Our weekly horoscopes reveal planetary influences across your week, giving you real horoscope insight into health and career needs or opportunities waiting to be addressed. Whether you’re looking for romantic opportunities, or the right time to push for a raise, we’re here to help with your daily free love horoscopes and weekly readings.