Your Horoscope for April 1st, 2023

You're likely to be in a relatively upbeat mood today, Taurus. This transit makes you feel like you are enjoying the luxuries of life with your family. With Venus in Taurus in your 1st house square the Moon in Leo in your 4th house, you should cook home-cooked meals that provide a sense of comforting nostalgia. In addition, you should spend time doing things you enjoy at home, whether as a hobby or simply watching your favorite movie. Unfortunately, you are prone to kidney, bladder, and skin complications. The stars have spoken. If you are looking for more insights about your day or near future - check your daily tarot reading >>



It would be best to enjoy life's simple pleasures with your partner today. For example, you should cook your lover's favorite meal to enjoy at home or get takeout from your favorite restaurant to enjoy each other's company. This i... Read your Taurus love horoscope for today >>


This is the perfect time to purchase some new decorations for your home. If you have children, you should get some contemporary decor for their bedroom, Taurus. With Venus in Taurus in your 1st house square the Moon in Le... Read your Taurus wealth horoscope for today >>