Your Horoscope for September 21st, 2023

You will likely make a great impression on your boss, authority figures, or coworkers. You could also gain some public recognition, especially at work. This is due to Venus in your 6th house trine the Moon in Sagittarius in your 10th house. You should possibly ask your boss for a pay raise, promotion, or bonus. You could even apply for a job out of your league and get it! Perhaps you should have lunch with your boss or a father figure to build rapport. The stars have spoken. If you are looking for more insights about your day or near future - check your daily tarot reading >>



If your relationship has been on the rocks or you’ve been fed up for quite some time, you may end it today. This could manifest as you discover a secret about your partner that causes a relationship crisis, Aquarius! Thi... Read your Aquarius love horoscope for today >>


This is a great time to ask for a pay raise, promotion, or bonus or discuss money matters with your boss. This is also great for interviewing or applying for a higher-paying job. This is due to Venus in Le... Read your Aquarius wealth horoscope for today >>