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What ‘13 Reasons Why’ Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Image by Frazer Harrison/GettyImages

The characters of 13 Reasons Why are distinct and unique just like the different zodiac signs. We know exactly which one you are...

Pisces: Hannah

Tragically beautiful, emotional, and creative, why hello there Hannah Baker. Deemed to be the “misunderstood artist-type”, Pisces are always looking for something more and they’re also looking to escape. Instead of squashing these types of people’s dreams, we should be encouraging them, unlike Hannah’s guidance counselor.

Aries: Justin

Nothing can get in the way of an Aries. Like Justin, they’re competitive and driven and no obstacle can get in the way, no matter how if that means being ruthless at times. Aries define themselves on what they can get done and not what they have. Justin doesn’t have to let his past dictate his future and he can use that basketball scholarship to escape his abusive family.

Taurus: Tyler

The most reliable sign of the zodiac is Taurus and who isn’t more reliable than Tyler, the yearbook photographer? Hannah’s beauty is captured in all his pics and he is super committed to his passion. A loveable sidekick is what a Taurus is known as and they’re also very practical.

Gemini: Jess

There are two different sides to a Gemini, and much like Jess, they can be the life of the party or be viewed as the shy new girl-type. Jess struggles to keep friends and can have contradicting personalities. One minute she’s a cheerleader throwing wild parties and dating the jock. Even though she seems to have it all, she’ll be drinking in the middle of the afternoon.

Cancer: Sheri

A “homemaker” is what a Cancer is known for and it's an emotional and domestic sign. Someone who is caring, like Sheri, and has the sweet demeanor of the girl next door. Much like any Cancer, Sheri can easily become a part of the family and fit right in.

Leo: Zach

Loyal, social, and well-liked are the sign of a Leo. Zach takes center stage and has an ego. Leo signs are lions and protect their pride. Zach has his ego broken by Hannah when she rejects him in the cafeteria and it’s all downhill from there. There’s no telling what Leo’s are capable of once they feel threatened.

Virgo: Courtney

A Virgo is an over-planner, super organized, and an overachiever, much like Courtney running around trying to fill every position. College applications and resumes are everything, yet Virgos also need to remember to breathe and re-evaluate what truly makes them happy.

Libra: Ryan

A lover of beauty and controlled by Venus, Libras are like Ryan, always thinking about others and incredibly social. Ryan encourages Hannah’s writing and even though he published her poem for the entire school to see, at least he made the author anonymous.

Scorpio: Bryce

The one we must watch out for, a Scorpio, is much like Bryce. He’s not always the best friend and they’re known to be distrusting and even violent. Like a “true friend,” Scorpios can be really passionate and there for their friends, but they’re also known for being impatient and aggressive.

Sagittarius: Jeff

Much like Jeff, Sagittarius can be fun and carefree. They live “in the moment” and they are always up for doing a beer run. They can go from being the life of the party to having a live chat with you till midnight.

Capricorn: Marcus

Being a workaholic and having a good image is everything for Capricorns. Like Marcus, they have a “can do anything” attitude. Sometimes they can be blinded by their aspirations that the line between right and wrong is blurred.

Aquarius: Clay

Fighting for the greater good all while being smart and sensitive is what an Aquarius is known for. Much like Clay, they’re intuitive loners and they’re well-liked, and even though he may not seem to want to be at any parties, he’s still popular and he’s also selective with who he surrounds himself with.