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Are You a Day or Night Person? Your Sign Can Tell You

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Astrology can tell us a lot about ourselves, from the type of friend you are to the best color palette for you. Did you know your sign might also have something to do with whether you are late to bed or early to rise?

That’s right, whether you’re up until 4:00 am or waking up at 5:00 am may be partly determined by your zodiac sign and not just your personal preference. Night owls and early birds alike can look to the stars and find a reason for their sleeping habits. Are you up at dawn to dive right into your work for the day? Or are you more the type to sleep in and save your responsibilities for later?

Whichever end of the early bird/night owl divide you’re on, your horoscope might be what is determining your preferences for day or night!

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Look to the Moon

Is it absolutely impossible for you to wake up before noon? You might be able to blame the moon for that one. According to some people, your sleep cycle is tied with the moon. People who are born at night tend to be awake during the night. They just feel the call of that lovely moon they were born under and can’t seem to fall asleep at night!

Even if you don’t fully believe that, it’s a good excuse, right? For some people, it’s really hard to go to bed at a “decent” time and get up early to start the day. Fortunately, some night owls can make this work for them. They can work night shifts or do a job from home that doesn’t require a specific schedule. 

If your sign is a night owl one, it can be difficult to stick to a daytime schedule. You just feel like you get more things done during the night, right? The creative energies flow, you feel awake and ready to take on anything. Or maybe you just feel ready to party and don’t want to have to deal with the boring daytime responsibilities. 

It sucks having to work during the day if you’re a night person. No matter how much caffeine you ingest, you just don’t feel awake enough to get things done. Sure, maybe you can get through everything, but it’s far more difficult than if you were an early bird.

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Night Owls vs. Early Birds

The worst part of having to work during the day despite being a night owl is that you can’t really wake up early and go to bed late all the time. Sure, you can pull that off sometimes but every day? It’s just not a good long term schedule to stick to.


Early birds have an easier time sticking to a typical 9-5 schedule. When the sun is up so are they! And they love it. They have time to get in a workout before work, have breakfast and coffee at their own pace, get in a few chores before they have to go to work. This seems like the best way to live to them. Why put off things until later when you can get them done as early as possible? That way, when they come home, they can relax and get to bed early so they can begin their routine anew in the morning.

Sleeping habits are partly about personal preference but if you just can’t sleep in no matter how hard you try or you have the opposite problem and can’t get to sleep before 1:00 am at the earliest, astrology may be to blame! Your sign may in fact be influencing the time you go to bed, whether you like it or not.

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Aries has no problem staying up late sometimes but they are often up with the sun. They’re busy people! They have a lot to do and they want to get it done as early as possible so that they have the rest of their day to enjoy themselves. Sure, they will stay out all night partying and having a good time with friends. But that’s reserved for weekends or other times when they don’t have to work the next day.

Early birds simply get more done, if you ask Aries. Getting in a workout, finishing chores, running errands, and getting their job done earlier means they can start relaxing or doing something fun earlier. If they have a 9-5, going to bed earlier also ensures they’re awake and ready for the day as soon as you get to work. There is nothing an Aries hates more than feeling sluggish or getting behind on their tasks. Early rising makes their busy schedule work!

Go ahead and invite your Aries friends out for a night on the town but don’t be shocked if they call it quits early so they can get their day started as soon as possible.

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The early bird may get the worm but Taurus would prefer to wait for another opportunity if it means not being rushed. Don’t expect your Taurus friends to be up with the sun. Make plans with them later in the day because they just aren’t going to arrive on time if you plan anything too early.

This does not mean that Taurus is lazy all the time! They are perfectly capable of getting the job done and finishing all their tasks for the day. They just prefer to get those tasks done at night. They are simply too foggy in the morning to be of any use and they know this. If they do their best work later in the day, why on Earth would they try to get up early? 

Of course, sometimes Taurus is being lazy. “I work better at night” or “I need time to think about things” are great excuses for days they just want to sleep in or relax. Don’t worry, though. They will get the job done eventually, just don’t expect them to get it done in the morning.

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Do you have a friend or coworker who is overly cheerful in the morning, to the point that it annoys everyone who hasn’t had their coffee yet? That person might just be a Gemini. 

Whether or not they actually have plans for the day, Gemini is typically an early riser. While others are groggy and grumpy at 6:00 am, Gemini is ready to greet the day with a smile. The earlier they get up, the more they can get done. These are the people you’ll find at brunch early Saturday morning, the classmates who show up to an 8:00 am class looking fresh and fabulous, the roommates who wake you up singing in the shower. 

Should Gemini sleep through their alarm or wake up late after a long night out, that smile may be wiped clean off their face. Sure, the extra sleep might be nice, but most of their day is wasted (in their eyes). Even if they’re able to move their schedule around and still get things done, Gemini would very much prefer to get an early start to their day.

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Of every sign, Cancer is the one that is most likely to naturally follow an “early to bed, early to rise” type of schedule. While others may have to set alarms in the morning, Cancer’s body just knows when it’s time to get up. It also helps that Cancer likes to wind down earlier in the evening. You’re more likely to find them relaxing and watching Netflix on any given night than you are to find them out and about.

Cancer’s mood is very much tied to the time of day. They are awake and enthusiastic in the morning. As the day goes on, they become more tired and more likely to descend into a bad mood, especially if the weather is bad. For this reason, it’s best if Cancer rises early and enjoys their good mood during the daytime.

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Leo works hard so they can play hard later. Sure, they sleep in and get the most sleep they can, sometimes late into the morning, but they’ll make up for it by finishing their to-do list late into the night. At work, Leo makes sure they get everything done (and done well) so that they can truly enjoy themselves later. Sure, nobody is perfect and they’ll sometimes skip out early but for the most part, they’re good about sticking to a schedule. 

If you want a friend who will stay out all night with you, invite a Leo! They love nothing more than to let their hair down after a day of hard work. Given they sometimes end up finishing tasks later in the evening, late-night hangouts are a great option for them. They are just as wild as they are hardworking so you’re certainly in for a night on the town.

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Virgo is not naturally a morning person but that is not stopping them from waking up at the crack of dawn, no matter how much their body might protest. They have a to-do list a mile long and they need as much time as possible to make sure they check off every. single. thing. It may take an army of alarms and multiple pots of coffee to get them up in the morning but they are getting out of bed on time no matter what.

Virgo just wants to get as much as they can done during the day. They have a job to do, chores to finish at home, errands to run, plans to keep, and much, much more. Forcing themselves to go to bed early so they can get up as early as possible is the most logical course of action for them. 

Though they may not be a “natural born” early worm, Virgo is so dedicated to sticking to their schedule that they are one anyway.

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With Libra, every single day is a brand new day, free of the problems of yesterday. They wake up in the morning ready for anything, knowing that even if the day doesn’t go well, there will always be another one tomorrow. They tend to wake up early and once they’re up, they’re up and ready to go.

Libra isn’t necessarily in a rush in the morning but they feel best when they get up early and start their day off right. If they’re able to get in a workout or meet with a friend for breakfast, they’ll spend the rest of the day with a boost in their step, knowing they got something done instead of just sitting around waiting for the day to start.

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The whole world comes alive at night, in ways Scorpio just doesn’t experience during the day. This is a sign that feels most at home when the moon is high in the sky and the stars are out in full view. If anyone truly knows the “witching hour”, it’s Scorpio. 

Scorpio wants to fully experience what the night has to offer. They’ll be a good sport and do what needs to be done at work but if they’re off the next day? They are partying all night long, checking out bars and clubs with friends, and running off to seek out anything new and exciting they can find. 

This isn’t a sign that justifies being up late by saying they “do their best work”. Unless you consider dragging their friends down a darkened street in search of a new place to go at 3:00 am to be “work”.

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Party all night, sleep all day is Sagittarius’ motto. This adventurous sign is up for anything and won’t think twice about staying up all night. Work is just something they do while they wait around for the good stuff to happen. This sign always has plans later that they can think about to get them through the daily grind. As soon as their day is done, they’re over at their friend’s house to pre-game and get ready for the night ahead.

It’s not that nothing good happens during the day. It’s just that nothing good happens during the day. Work is a (necessary) chore and unfortunately must be done, so sleeping all day isn’t always an option. Sagittarius doesn’t let that stop them, though. The night is alive and they can venture out to their heart’s content, so it’s worth it even if that means they have to get less sleep in order to go to work on time the next day.

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Capricorn is logical, rational, and reasonable. Naturally, this makes them an early bird. Staying up until dawn and sleeping in all day just isn’t the “adult” thing to do. “Proper adults” rise at dawn and get to work bright and early (according to Capricorn), awake, alert, and ready for the day. You won’t find them at their desk bleary-eyed and yawning!

They aren’t a stick in the mud, though. Their early bird tendencies are simply for professional, mature reasons. Capricorn just doesn’t feel right on the days they work if they’re not up and ready to go early in the morning. On the weekend, they have no qualms staying out late with friends and sleeping in the next day. They like to have fun like anybody else but only when it doesn’t affect their work schedule.

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The night is a time for relaxation but for Aquarius, it isn’t always a time for sleep. They may be running around all day, working, doing chores, and keeping appointments. They might spend the whole day around people: at work, at the grocery store, with family. Nighttime though? That is Aquarius’ time. They can finally get that “me time” they’re missing during the day. The rest of the world is sleeping so it’s the perfect time to truly be alone with themselves. 

Of course, they don’t always spend their nights alone. Nighttime is also a great time to get in some social time they’re not able to do during the day. Watching a movie with a friend or going out to a restaurant with their partner are activities you might find Aquarius doing in the evening. This is just as important to them as their alone time. It’s not always easy to do the things they want to do during the day but at night, they tend to have more free time for leisure, be it with others or by themselves.

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For Pisces, the night is quiet, calm, and relaxing. It’s free of the rush, the work, and the worries of the day. They don’t have to bother socializing or being responsible if they don’t want to. Pisces would much rather be curled up in a nest of blankets, watching their favorite movie and enjoying some ice cream. 

The evening is for treating themselves. They can soak their feet, catch up on social media, and just generally do anything it is that will make them feel good after a long day. Pisces isn’t out all night partying or getting up to the shenanigans other signs do but they are a night owl all the same. Their type of night owl is just a quieter one who is more likely to be at home relaxing.