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Which "Friends" Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

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As one of the most popular and adored TV shows of all time, many fans of "Friends" love to identify with its eccentric and unique characters. Read on to discover which "Friends" character you are according to your zodiac sign.

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Aries - Mike

Mike is the very definition of passion and he always fights for what he really wants. Once, he even took a plane to propose to Phoebe to prevent David from doing it before him. A typical Aries move.

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Taurus - Ross

Logical, stubborn, and hopelessly romantic - here is a perfect description of Ross... And of a genuine Taurus. With his soft heart, Ross has a tendency to take things too seriously sometimes... Exactly as a Taurus would!

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Gemini - Chandler

Witty is the least we could say when talking about Chandler. Avidly curious and greatly funny, Chandler, as well as Geminis, use their cynic humor to protect their sensitive soul.

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Cancer - Carol

Family is the watchword for Carol, and it is the same for Cancers in general. So, when her parents decided not to show up at her wedding with Susan, she was more than hurt. Fortunately, her unbeatable strength of character allowed her to be the best mother for Ben, the son Ross gave her.

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Leo - Joey

As every self-respecting Leo, Joey loves being the center of attention. Charming and charismatic, he always wins when it comes to romance particularly because of his playful personality. We all need a friend like Joey.

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Virgo - Monica

Ross's sister is known to be a perfectionist, very much like a Virgo. She needs everything to be planned in advance and well-organized because, also like a Virgo, she has a tendency to get anxious when things don't go her way.

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Libra - Rachel

As a true Libra, Rachel is a beautiful person who loves beautiful (material) things. Being suckers for harmony in every aspect of their life, Libras are as good as Rachel at avoiding conflicts.

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Scorpio - Gunther

Gunther is one of the most mysterious characters of the show, and so are Scorpios. Private and analytic, Scorpios are the best at keeping secrets. And this is the reason Rachel never really knew Gunther had a crush on her.

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Sagittarius - Janice

Loud, loud, and loud - this is what we think of when hearing Janice's laugh resonate in our ears. Like Janice, Sagittarius never go unnoticed when entering a room, because they are filling it with their impressive personality and radiating presence.

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Capricorn - Richard

Like Richard, Capricorns seem to always be in full control of their life. Naturally distinguished and mature, they are reliable and selfless. People often take them as role models, the same way Joey and Chandler did when Monica started dating Richard.

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Aquarius - Phoebe

Awkward and strongly independent is a pretty accurate description of Phoebe, as well as all the Aquarius signs out there! With her eccentric character, she is a natural-born rebel and doesn't care about other people's judgment.

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Pisces - Emily

Emily's ability to put herself in someone else's shoes is characteristic of Pisces. We must not forget that she is so forgiving that she tried to work things out with Ross, even after he pronounced the wrong name at the altar.