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The Best Ways to Workout According to Your Zodiac Sign

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We all have that desire to be in shape, and we know that we can achieve it with the right amount of dedication. The hardest thing about getting in shape is to get started, but it's actually a lot easier than you think! While each of us has other preferences of the type of exercise we love, understanding our traits based on our zodiac sign can help us focus on how to begin and what kind of sports is right for our personality.

The three areas of focus that are key to achieving the results you want are technique, confidence, and balance. When you add personal touches to your fitness wardrobe or find a workout that seems tailor-made for your personality, you unlock your technique. When you consistently show up to do the hard work you achieve the confidence that you want. When you adopt a healthy lifestyle you find the right balance between your physical world and your internal one. If you set out to do these three things, you’ll have no trouble turning heads as you move through the gym! Here are some tips on how to find the right workout style based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries Personality

As a fire sign, you have excessive energy that's begging to be used up! Try starting your day with some cardio. You’re naturally competitive, so find a workout that gives you the chance to come out on top! Just remember that results take time, so don’t give up if you don’t see them right away.  

Practice  Exercise routines can bore you to death, so find different activities to keep it interesting. Cycling, obstacle courses, and marathons are all great workouts that give you a sense of adventure! With this masculine sign, you’ll find an affinity to the more macho workouts like bodybuilding. Or beating the boys in a short distance sprint!  TIP Be loud and let your inner kid out!

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Taurus Personality

Being an earth sign, you prefer a workout that is relaxed and offers slow progress. Trying to do too much can exhaust you, so keep a schedule to manage your healthy lifestyle. You like to add your personal touch to anything you do, so you could benefit from curating a home gym.

Practice Find a playlist that matches your mood. This will help you work off those indulgences from last night! Take in the sounds of nature on a hike through your favorite trail. For the more daring Taurus, you might consider rock climbing. Whatever leads you to some breathtaking views!   TIP Your confidence comes from your decision making. Once you choose a fitness path, there’s no stopping you.

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Gemini Personality

As an air sign you like to juggle a lot and would benefit from exploring different types of workouts. You know your way around a conversation, but there are no shortcuts in fitness! Try having a podcast ready on those days you’re struggling to motivate. When your planet Mercury is in retrograde, look for a dose of nostalgia from those teen years, like visiting your high school’s track field or wearing that hoodie your first crush gave you.

Practice Your dual nature promotes having another person around, so partner up! Plus, if you take a buddy, you’ll have someone to grab a smoothie with after! Look for exercises that have some transportation involved like bicycling or skating.  TIP Have a variety of options on rotation to keep you fitness-focused!

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Cancer Personality

As a cardinal sign, your busy life needs direction and a schedule will help you achieve the results you want. Be sure that you're balancing this constant motion with quiet time. It's important that you find stillness with your water element. 

Practice Prioritize meeting up with someone you know for a sense of comfort. Move those hips with a fun Zumba class or go retro and put on those sweatbands for some aerobics. Take in a cultural activity with some salsa dancing. TIP When you're feeling reflective, turn to an activity traditional of your family, like water skiing at the lake house.

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Leo Personality 

You take pride in your appearance, and the extra day at the gym can be just what you need to get the selfie body you’ve been craving! Bring on those compliments! Leo, you’ll find that you’re a natural with fitness and you do your best work when you can motivate others.

Practice Exercise those leadership qualities in a team sport. Football, hockey, or relay racing will give you those opportunities to coach your peers. Or look for a sport that will allow you to take center stage in a classic look like tennis, boxing, or golf. You love competition, but know it’s the journey that’s the real victory! TIP Be patient and the time will come for you to instruct the class!

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Virgo Personality 

You see the details in everything and fitness is no exception. Counting calories may be overkill for most, but you enjoy seeing the small variations in each workout. Your health-conscious mind may take things a step further by finding the perfect diet to pair your workouts with. Stay organized by keeping a schedule for your workouts.

Practice A daily walk in the park with your furry companion is always a good place to start. You’d even benefit from a more holistic practice like yoga. Add in some meditation to calm that brain of yours. TIP Make time for a sweet treat every once in a while. You deserve it.

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Libra Personality 

You’re the sign most likely to post their workout to TikTok! You have a social approach to everything you do, and you might enjoy having your partner with you during your workouts. Your planet Venus brings a trendy approach to fitness, whether it’s trekking to the closest farm for some goat yoga or dropping some dough on a membership to the newest health spa. Whatever it is, you’ll do it in style!

Practice No doubt you'll find a class with a large mirror and put yourself right in front! Just remember, the goal isn’t to catch the attention of your hot instructor. A workout may be the best time for you to release some of those perfectionist tendencies of yours.  TIP Sweat is a good look for you!

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Scorpio Personality

 Your intensity is unmistakable and you'll want a rigorous workout routine to match. Get ideas from Instagram influencers or watch some episodes of American Ninja Warrior to fuel the start of your fitness journey.

Practice No pain, no gain! That's the Scorpio way. In between practices for the next triathlon, look to the nearest CrossFit and prove you can do that crazy rope exercise. You like to push through your comfort zone and you might enjoy a workout that other people might be afraid of. TIP Focus on the successes and not the losses.

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Sagittarius Personality

You don’t like to sit on the sidelines, but prefer to be right where the action is! A constant traveler, you could benefit from doing excursions that are also powerful workouts like climbing the thousands of steps to a temple. Look for something that has some spirituality involved. When you're not traveling the world, you'll want an exercise or two to match your adventurous spirit. So recreate some of the ones you've come across on your trips abroad.

Practice Try something unexpected like horseback riding or an archery lesson. Kayaking, surfing, the options are endless for a thrill-seeker like yourself! Or get meta and journey through your chakras with deep meditation.  TIP Bring your positivity to your workouts to help you achieve your goals! Manifest those results!

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Capricorn Personality 

You look for results in every part of your life. Your ambitious personality can be the key to unlocking your fitness potential. That is, once you set aside time in that busy schedule of yours. Look for workouts that are known to be successful. You may be surprised by the amount of people waiting to connect with you at the gym. They can help motivate you to keep returning and may even join you in a business investment.

Practice You’re as busy as they come. You wouldn’t have it any other way. Your workout regimen needs to tailor to your crammed schedule. Find a personal trainer and set your appointment reminders. Look out for a rewards program that will encourage you to keep working towards something. TIP With the right attitude and determination, you’ll meet your goals!

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Aquarius Personality

You look for innovation in every corner. Whether it’s in your apple watch or the latest TikTok dance challenge. When others hesitate to try something new, you lead the way with the latest gadgets and techniques to enhance your performance. 

Practice Engage your humanitarian outlook with a charity run or march in the latest political movement. You may find, like in other areas of your life, that you prefer to workout alone. Find a hilltop or something scenic that gives you a birds-eye view and the sense that you’re the neighborhood guru.    TIP You need room to move around in your workout. The more space, the better!

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Pisces Personality

You’re a spiritual person that picks up on things that aren’t said. You can use this intuition as it tells you things about your body and where you should be focusing. Softer, more fluid forms of exercise like Thai Chi or Yoga will suit you. These workouts will enhance your flexibility and provide a calming sensation.

Practice You really define your water element and you'll find being around water is your best bet for consistency. Swimming, surfing, and kayaking are some of the more sporty exercises you can rely on. TIP Get lost in the workout and you'll find your flow.