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Astrology 101: What Is a Rising Sign and How to Calculate It

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Rising Sign Chart 

Almost everybody today knows about their zodiac sign, also described as "Sun sign". But many are not aware that they also have what we call a "rising or ascendant sign" - the constellation that was rising on the eastern horizon the day you were born. Along with your Moon sign and Sun sign, your rising sign allows you to learn more about the different aspects of your personality. As opposed to your Moon sign, which reveals more about your "inner" self, your rising sign defines the characteristics of your "outer" self and how people perceive you when they meet you for the first time.

The table above, created by the website Ask the Astrologers, helps you calculate your rising sign by using your zodiac sign as well as your hour of birth. Just find your Sun sign on the left column and move towards the hour you were born to find the symbol that matches your ascendant sign. Check the symbol in the left column again to tell you which zodiac sign corresponds to it. Now, you obviously want to know what it means... Here it is:

Aries - independent, energetic/headstrong, impatient

Taurus - practical, dependable/possessive, indulgent

Gemini - enthusiastic, versatile/scattered energy

Cancer - sympathetic, comforting/ moody, emotional

Leo - loyal, loving, self-controlled/ bossy, arrogant

Virgo - analytical, modest, reliable/fussy, judgmental

Libra - romantic, diplomatic/indecisive, flirtatious

Scorpio - charming, intense, passionate/controlling

Sagittarius - optimistic, philosophical/superficial, opinionated

Capricorn - disciplined, ambitious/grudging, authoritarian

Aquarius - inventive, humanitarian/detached, contrary

Pisces - sensitive, intuitive/submissive, escapist.