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What Jobs Suit You Best According to Your Astrological Sign

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If you’re thinking about a change in your career, or newly entering the workforce, using your astrological sign may be a good way to determine if a certain career path is a good fit. When you consider the personality traits that are typically associated with your zodiac sign, then you’re better prepared to know yourself and the mold you’d most likely fit to. 

Those who look for jobs can assert their strengths and improve their weaknesses by better understanding their personality traits. By knowing the characteristics of your sign, you can turn to a better-oriented and more fulfilling career.  

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Aries (Mar 22 to Apr 21)

Aries Zodiac Symbol: The Ram

Aries are really assertive and drive their opinions and point home. There is a stubbornness to the Aries zodiac sign that can be harnessed, though. Much like the forceful ram, they behave competitively, are relentless, and never give up.

At first, one may think that these traits sound more like negative things and that Aries wouldn't be suited for the workforce. However, Aries do make for great leadership roles such as surgeons, dentists, financial analysts, construction workers, and hotel managers. 

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Taurus (Apr 22 to May 21)

Taurus Zodiac Symbol: The Bull

The Taurus zodiac sign is dependable, dedicated, and truthful. A Taurus is also the type to have a taste for the finer things in life and has a keen eye for luxurious things.

Tauruses tend to gravitate toward stability, and this Bull would be best suited for jobs that have a steady 9 to 5 workday. The most ideal jobs for a Taurus would be landscaper, banker, manager, fashion designer, and financial advisor.

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Gemini (May 22 to Jun 21) 

Gemini Zodiac Symbol: The Twins

A Gemini is a Jack or Jane of all trades and possesses many talents useful in the workplace. This zodiac sign thrives in dynamic workplaces, as Geminis tend to pick up things very quickly, enjoy engaging tasks, and are always seeking out stimulation to fend off any boredom.

Being a manager isn't their cup of tea as they prefer dealing with people face-to-face and socializing. Jobs that best suit Gemini are teacher, public relations, communications specialist, project manager, and interpreter. 

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Cancer (Jun 22 to Jul 21)

Cancer Zodiac Symbol: The Crab

Cancers are known as the "mothers" of the zodiac signs. They're caring and nurturing and don't just solve problems but can also be responsible and productive at the same time. Cancers get a bad rap for always day-dreaming or not paying attention.


Cancers tend to get easily distracted by their deep thoughts and creative rabbit holes that they go down. The most ideal types of jobs for Cancer signs are speech therapists, social workers, caterers, nurses, teachers, and content managers.

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Leo (Jul 22 to Aug 21)

Leo Zodiac Symbol: The Lion

There's a reason a Lion represents the Leo zodiac sign. They're incredibly ambitious and confident to a point that they may come across as being overly arrogant. This makes it difficult for Leos to work in a team setting.

Leos enjoy working solo and gravitate toward leadership roles that are rewarding. Leos can be ego-driven and strive for constant recognition and praise. Jobs that are most ideal and fit for a Leo are event planner, marketer, sales representative, actor, and designer. 

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Virgo (Aug 22 to Sept 21)

Virgo Zodiac Symbol: The Virgin

Virgos are the quintessential Type A personality type. In the workplace, they're hard to pry away from their tasks. If they're in the middle of working on something and get interrupted they can become quite aggressive, impatient, and hostile toward you.  

They don't have time for distractions or nonsense when their nose is deep in their work. Virgos enjoy competition, status, and jobs that require attention to detail. These workaholics gravitate toward jobs like investors, researchers, statisticians, machinists, and executive assistants.

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Libra (Sept 22 to Oct 21)

Libra Zodiac Symbol: The Scale

Libras are charming and social butterflies who exude positive energy. People enjoy being around this type of person in the workplace as they make the room light up with a positive vibe.

Libras have the perfect personality traits to excel in careers that give them control over calling the shots, as well as jobs that give them the tools to grow professionally. They work best in customer-facing professions such as legal analysts, buyers, event planners, business owners, or human resources managers. 

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Scorpio (Oct 22 to Nov 21)

Scorpio Zodiac Symbol: The Scorpion 

Scorpios are wicked smart. They're also relentlessly curious, to a point where they won't stop until they've solved whatever puzzle they're working on. Scorpios enjoy seeing the enjoyment of their fellow colleagues' faces as they succeed.  

They get pleasure from helping others in the workplace and thrive off the energy coworkers get when they advance and grow. Scorpios gravitate toward roles that have significant meaning and jobs that make an impact on people's lives such as physicians, engineers, market analysts, financial advisors, and psychologists.  

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Sagittarius (Nov 22 to Dec 21)

Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol: The Archer

Sagittariuses are super outgoing and overall just fun-loving people to be around. If there's ever an awkward moment, they're typically the ones to first break the ice with a witty joke.  

Scorpios have a good energy that they bring to the workplace and tend to avoid the tedious routines typically associated with desk jobs. They seek out roles that let their personalities shine. Jobs like public relations manager, development officer, travel agent, brand ambassador, investigator, and personal trainer would be best for a Sagittarius.

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Capricorn (Dec 22 to Jan 21)

Capricorn Zodiac Symbol: The Goat

Capricorns are always up to the task. They are some wise old goats and, even though they can be a bit stubborn, they're pragmatic. Being an employee may not suit a Capricorn, as they seek out leadership roles and work best in an environment that encourages stepping up to the plate and taking charge.

Capricorns can thrive in highly competitive industries, as well. Jobs that align the most with the personality traits of a Cap are accountant, banker, teacher, computer programmer, nurse, and manager.

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Aquarius (Jan 22 to Feb 21)

Aquarius Zodiac Symbol: The Water Bearer

Aquarians are out-of-the-box thinkers and are known to be curious and eager learners. Although they may be unconventional free-thinkers, Aquarians are always up for a challenge. One of the most annoying things for an Aquarius is the feeling of being stuck working in a boring and mediocre position within a company.

It's best for this zodiac sign to have a job that makes them feel like they have a purpose. Jobs best suited for Aquarians are environmental engineer, actor, scientist, data analyst, mediator, and trainer.

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Pisces (Feb 22 to Mar 21)

Pisces Zodiac Symbol: The Fish

Pisces are unique to the zodiac world, as they possess personal traits like patience and empathy. These are rare traits to have in this modern and fast-paced workforce that we live in. They also have deep emotional wisdom, which translates into intuition and sound-making judgment calls.

Pisces aren't afraid to make a decision and, even if they do take a wrong turn, they can handle criticism quite well. Pisces would be best suited to work as physical therapists, social workers, salespeople, CNA, or recruiters.