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Where You Should Travel Solo Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Capricorn Dates: Dec 22 – Jan 19

Capricorn signs may be overly ambitious to a fault as they’re very hard-working and driven to succeed. They can feel like they’re carrying the whole weight of the world on their shoulders, as they tend to take on a lot. They’re very social and traveling solo may be a bit intimidating but taking a spontaneous trip could be the best thing for them. The ideal solo vacation for a Capricorn would be the island of Paxos. It’s only seven miles long but has some of the friendliest people. You won’t feel alone, and you can take in the beautiful bays, underwater caves, and beaches. 

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Aquarius Dates: Jan 20 - Feb 18

An Aquarius lives for adventure and likes to experience life to the fullest in the company of fun people. They may give off an aloof demeanor, but despite this, a solo holiday would work very well for them. The ideal solo vacation would be Morocco. Get lost in the crowd and embrace the chaos of a bustling city. A must-see is the breathtaking blue villa that has an impressive garden with over 300 different kinds of plant species.

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Pisces Dates: Feb 19 - Mar 20

With a laid-back lifestyle, a Pisces is intuitive and friendly. They’re givers and aren’t looking for anything in return. Their empathetic nature earns them the right to take a much-needed relaxing vacation. Traveling solo and escaping to Bali, Indonesia would be right up their ally. Traditional music and performances happen daily, and the Balinese people are super warm. The island has thousands of temples to explore and you may even meet the love of your life, as the movie “Eat Pray Love” was filmed there.

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Aries Dates: Mar 21- Apr 19

Aries can’t sit still, and they have a lot of enthusiasm. Their contagious optimism has them constantly seeking out the next interesting hobby or activity. An Aries wouldn’t get caught laying on a beach for a week because they’re always looking for where the action is. That’s why Melbourne, Australia would be an artsy and adventurous getaway for an Aries sign. The city has bars, museums, artsy graffiti, and hidden restaurants around every block just waiting to be explored.


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Taurus Dates: Apr 20 - May 20

Tauruses are very compassionate and love to share their fortunes. They’re personable and warm-hearted so for sure would be wary at first to travel solo. They may find a passion for the experience though and the Caribbean would be an ideal solo vacation spot for them. The secluded beaches are modest, and the tropical island delivers unmatched relaxation and is a blissful getaway. The island is rich and beautiful much like the indulgent Taurus. Relax in high-class luxury and soak up the sun.

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Gemini Dates: May 21 - June 20

Geminis are restless and impulsive. They’re known for having a dual personality and can get bored easily. Geminis crave spontaneity and are adrenaline junkies. A solo trip for a Gemini is a no-brainer and the rush of Ontario’s buzzing and the bustling city may be just the right place. The nightlife is vibrant, and you’ll never run out of things to do in this multicultural city. Head over Queen Street West or get lost in the Distillery District.

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Cancer Dates: June 21 - July 22

Compassion and support are what Cancers crave most, as they’re nurturing and emotional beings. They are incredibly loyal and a solo adventure for them won’t involve adventure and exploration, but instead the much-needed TLC that they crave. This makes the Philippines an ideal solo vacation spot for a Cancer as they can chill out by the pool during the day and feel refreshed and revigorated. In this sliver of paradise, Cancer signs can get their batteries recharged and think more about themselves for once.


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Leo Dates: Jul 23 - Aug 22

Leos go afterlife with vigor, and passion much like a lion would, which just so happens to be their sign, too. They’re high-energy and exude confidence at parties that they’re the life of. Taking a solo vacation can get Leos to impress the people they come across during their journey. An ideal solo vacation spot would be Reykjavik. This place is filled with brightly colored buildings, and a beauty to take your breath away. The place has striking waterfalls, mountains, and unforgettable sights, especially at night when you can witness the aurora borealis.

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Virgo Dates: Aug 23 - Sep 22

Virgos are perfectionists so you won’t find them making any spur of the moment decisions – including taking a last-minute getaway vacation. They’ll most likely plan everything right down to the last minute. They prefer analysis and logic over intuition so an ideal solo vacation spot for a Virgo would be Belgium. This place offers an itinerary-packed experience you’ll never run out of things to do. Get thrown into Renaissance culture, visit cathedrals, walk down cobbled roads, and check out the impressive art scene and mesmerizing buildings.


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Libra Dates: Sep 23 - Oct 22

Libras are all about balance in their lives and they’re tranquil in nature. They struggle at times to make decisions and their ideal solo destination should be scenic and serene. That’s why, Croatia, also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” offers crystal blue oceans, grand views, city walks with sublime sights, and everywhere you turn you’ll discover a city filled with history. Make sure to take the cable car up to Mouth Srd to catch a beautiful sunset.

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Scorpio Dates: Oct 23 - Nov 21

Scorpios deserve to destress every now and again, as it’s crucial for their well-being. These self-reliant, resourceful, and people who love to take control of almost every situation need to take a backseat and go on a solo vacation. The ideal place for a Scorpio would be Japan. There are mysterious places to get lost in, sacred and revered Shinto shrines, as well as hundreds of Buddhist temples to explore. Make sure to visit the entertainment district in Kyoto.

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Sagittarius Dates: Nov 22 - Dec 21

Mental stimulation and thrilling escapades are what Sagittarius types desire. They have a hunger and need for learning and exploring so the ideal destination that they wouldn’t think twice about taking would be bungee jumping in the South Island of New Zealand. The country otherworldly wildlife and nature such as dolphins, seals, penguins, Orca whales, and super rare land birds like the Kiwi and Kakapo. The beauty, history, and adventure combined make New Zealand’s South Island an ideal destination for any Sagittarius.