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How To Master Online Dating According To Your Zodiac Sign

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While knowing your date’s zodiac sign is a fun way to fuel the conversation, it’s more interesting to know how your zodiac sign affects the way you date people. With apps like Tinder becoming more mainstream, finding a date through the internet has become much less of a taboo than before. However, our personalities, as influenced by the planetary alignment at our birth, still dictate how we date.

For example, a Pisces will often wait a couple of days before going on a date while Virgos tend to quickly and diligently reply to messages. Other signs like Scorpio and Gemini might portray a different persona to the person they’ll fall in love with. Leos may really be into advertising themselves while Capricorns may find astrology pretty ‘meh.’

That said, how does your zodiac sign determine the way you date? Read on to discover how people date online according to their sign.


Aries Zodiac Dates: 3/21 – 4/19

While Aries are considered infants of the zodiac, they are far from being childish. Still, much like children, they tend to get straight to the point, without beating around the bush. This can be helpful as they will almost always tell you exactly what they want and what they like. This will also apply to their online dating profile – expect them to be fiery and direct.

When an Aries finally finds the person that fits their bill, they’ll pull out all the stops in order to get together with that person. A clever username and a couple of attractive photos may also be enough for an Aries to picture their dream date. While being direct has its advantages, Aries can be moody and temperamental, which can be quite concerning.

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Taurus Zodiac Dates (4/20 – 5/20)

Taureans love active dates, like picnics, shopping trips, hikes, and adventures. When it comes to online dating, they love being pursued. This means paying attention to the details in their profile and making a thoughtful message is a good way to score points with them. Basically, Taureans appreciate hard work and attention to detail.

Much like an actual bull, Taureans tend to be stubborn and relentlessly push forward with their relationship the moment they meet someone online. If that person is into them, health and security are sure to follow in their relationship. On the other hand, if that person isn’t receptive or doesn’t reciprocate the way the Taurean expects, they may have problems.

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Gemini Zodiac Dates: 5/21 – 6/20

Much like the twins, this sign is represented by, Geminis often have two faces: One for their profile and another in real life. For example, one can say in their profile that they are outgoing and creative, with an air of mystery – the most attractive aspects of them. However, Geminis will eventually show their other side the more time they spend with their dates.

Geminis tend to flirt a lot, so expect them to be browsing their catalog of potential suitors. While not necessarily into polyamory, they still may date several people at once across different dating apps. Due to their two-faced nature, Geminis tend to be dismissed as poor romantic partners, but in reality, they’re just being diligent in looking for their other half.

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Cancer Zodiac Dates: 6/21 – 7/22

Since the crab is the representation of cancer, it only makes sense that these sensitive souls put on a protective shell when dating online. Methods of protection may include lying about their age, using a pseudonym, and leaving their profile incomplete. If you see someone with a Tinder profile with those details mentioned, chances are, they’re a Cancer.

Getting past that protective shell may not be an easy task, especially if they see you as casual. Cancers, like crabs, can be known to scuttle from side to side – meaning they may have a  sudden change of heart, even if they’ve been on a few dates with someone. Get past that shell, however, and you’ll end up with a fiercely loyal partner who’ll protect you with their claws.

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Leo Zodiac Dates: 7/23 – 8/22

Just as the lion is majestic and proud, so too are the Leos of the world. If they’re into astrology, they’ll immediately tell you their sign, and even put a lion emoji on their Tinder profile. No matter how interested they are, Leos will always give 110% to ensure they make a grand and charming impression on their potential suitors.

They often like to dabble in one night stands with potential mates, so it’s hard to know if a Leo is interested until they’ve made up their mind. Leos are proud as a lion, taking the lead in conversations and reveling in the spotlight at every opportunity. They like to be with others who shine just as bright but might secretly be bothered if someone shines brighter than them.

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Virgo Zodiac Dates: 8/23 – 9/22

While Leos are usually able to come up with their online dating profiles in a snap, Virgos prefer to take their time. Their analytical nature demands that they read all the rules of online dating and edit their profile pictures carefully. In a nutshell, Virgos are perfectionists and will stare daggers at those who reject them.

If you happen to match with a Virgo, punctuality and neatness will be essential qualities to display as they hate wasting their time and are very scrupulous. Precision is paramount to Virgos, so they’ll be 100% clear about whether they’re polygamous or monogamous – with no grey area in between. If it’s the former, they will have developed a system that allows them to do it in an ethical way where no-one gets hurt or confused. They may even have it mapped out in a handy spreadsheet!

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Libra Zodiac Dates: 9/23 – 10/22

Libras are experts when it comes to online dating; so much so that they’re likely to be browsing through the app while on a date. Not only that, they’re known to excel at flirting before, during, and after the date. However, Libras have also been known to juggle partners, so don’t expect to be their one-and-only right away.

Although Librans develop strong bonds, people with this sign can also be quite self-centered. They could cut off all communication without warning (though all the signs are prone to that if certain circumstances arise). Still, if given the chance, Librans can make for good dates as long as you’re able to see beneath the flirtatious mask.

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Scorpio Zodiac Dates: 10/23 – 11/21

Ruled by the sign of sex and death, Scorpios are intimidating yet attractive. They are not ashamed to advertise their scariness and they make it loud and clear in their online dating profiles. They want you to clamor for them and think you’re weak if you give them a pass.

Even though they seem scary at first, Scorpios need love as much as other people. After all, one can only enjoy the wild single life for so long. Yet, it can be said that their devil-may-care lifestyle is just a part of their big plan for finding the one. 

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Sagittarius Zodiac Dates: 11/22 – 12/21

Sagittarians are determined to find the truth in any situation and have a deep passion for exploration. While posting travel photos is nothing original, being used as a profile photo means that person is likely a Sagittarius. It may be cringeworthy to you, but to Sagittarians, travel photos perfectly capture their adventurous souls.

Even though they do enjoy globetrotting, they also tend to be intellectual, so be prepared to discuss topics such as politics and academics. Don’t be fooled by their intellect, though, as they are also adept at partying. Sagittarians also learn over the years to find a balance between their desire for attention and their fear of clingy partners.

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Capricorn Zodiac Dates: 12/22 – 1/19

In the standard Tarot deck, Capricorns are represented by the proud goat, and those who fall under this sign tend to give off fierce auras in their online dating profiles. Business-minded and ambitious, they are very particular with the details of their careers in their bios, and this could be a turn-off for many potential suitors.

Capricorns value hard work, so they’ll easily pass on others who they deem to be lazy. While they are intent on creating a power couple, Capricorns aren’t only after money and status. They can be very inspiring and tend to not put much stock in their zodiac sign. This makes them a great match for hard-working, prudent individuals.

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Aquarius Zodiac Dates: 1/20 – 2/18

The black sheep of the zodiac signs, people with the Aquarius sign don’t fit in, and they don’t necessarily have to. This means that their online dating profiles may show them wearing funky outfits while behaving in a quirky fashion. Aquarians also seem to love correcting typos, so expect that kind of thing when flirting with them.

Represented by the water bearer, people with this sign are selfless and want to make the world a better place. They’ll likely mention the cause they’re fighting for on their profile and would spurn anyone they deem out of touch. To enjoy a good date, you’ll need to find a way to snap them out of their daydreams without being intrusive. 

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Pisces Zodiac Dates: 2/19 – 3/20


The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is often depicted as the wisest and most philosophical of them all. People with this sign tend to give off creative, alluring vibes in their online dating profiles. However, they’re also more likely to be eccentric and break apart easily, so try not to judge them for their mini-meltdowns.

Don’t take it personally if you match with a Pisces but they turn down or postpone your first date. They can get lost in their activities sometimes, so it doesn’t reflect on you. Still, they have a caring demeanor and their first date ideas tend to be packed full of originality, so it might be worth putting up with a few false starts.