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27 Inspirational Quotes That Will Make You Feel Like a Whole New Person

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We all need some inspiration in our lives now and then, and inspirational quotes can be a great pick me up when we are down. They let us see things differently, give the new perspective that we need, and help us get through whatever rut we are in. 

Life can be hard, but these quotes are a reminder that things can always get better. Let’s take a look at 30 quotes that will help you when you are in need. 

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You Are Confined Only by the Walls You Build Yourself - Andrew Murphy

It can be tough to admit, but the barriers in our lives are not external, rather internal. We set boundaries in our lives and still complain that we are being held back by outside forces.

When you realize that the constraints in your life are figments in your imagination, you will be able to break free from them and meet your true potential. You don’t have to make excuses, you just have to find your way into the world. 

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You Are Stronger Than You Think

We might think we don’t have it in us to keep going, push forward, and conquer our challenges. However, the truth is that these negative thoughts are just thoughts, and we are all stronger than we think.

The world may tell us that we are not good enough, and when we hear that we buy into it, but sometimes hearing the opposite will bring out the strength we had all along, just waiting inside of us and ready to emerge. 

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The Obstacle Is The Path - Zen Proverb 

Life is about the journey as much as it is about what comes at the end. Whatever you are heading towards, the process of getting there is as important and meaningful as what comes when you get there. 

You may feel that the challenges that are ahead of you are the side effects of your dreams, but rather the true meaning of the journey is in them. Embrace whatever path you are on, and don’t worry if you are not where you wish to be. 

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Work Hard In Silence, Let Success Be Your Noise

You don’t need to brag and build yourself up or talk a big game to put down the naysayers. Take pride in your work and know you are on your own journey. Don’t worry about what others think. 

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Do It Now! Sometimes Later Becomes Never.

We all have dreams that we put off, saying that we will get to them when the time is right. However, sometimes that time simply never comes, and before you know it your dream for the future becomes something silly that you thought in the past. 

Get started on what it is you want to do now, and take your future into your own hands. Once you get started, you will find that the first step was the hardest. 

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A River Cuts Through Rock, Not Because of Its Power, But Because of Its Persistence. - Jim Watkins

You might think that success comes from innate traits such as talent and strength, and if only we possessed those traits we would meet our goals. The reality is that success comes with hard work and persistence, and traits such as talent and strength grow as you work to reach your goals.   

You can achieve your goals if you just keep a sharp focus and don't give up. With the right devotion, like a river through rock, you can overcome anything.

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If You Are Unable To Find the Truth Right Where You Are, Where Else Do You Expect to Find It? - Dogen

In life, we often look to distant horizons and greener grass as we search for meaning. However, it is up to us to find it within ourselves, wherever we are at the moment. 

Wherever else you hope to find the truth, once you get there, you will find yourself with the same limitations that you have always had, wondering what the point of it all is. Rather than changing where you are, try to change how you see. 

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If You Are Depressed, You Are Living in the Past. If You Are Anxious, You Are Living in the Future. If You Are at Peace, You Are Living in the Present. - Lao Tzu

It sounds so simple, but one of the hardest things for us to do is to live in the moment. We often look at the past, either wishing we could correct the mistakes or relive the glory of the good times. 

We also look to the future, anxious about how it will turn out, and how we are living up to where we want to be. The happiest moments are when we let that all go and focus on the present. 

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You Will Never Always Be Motivated. You Have to Learn to Be Disciplined.

It is our motivation that drives us to achieve things. It gives us inspiration and the push we need to accomplish our goals, and it is a force of good in our lives. 

However, we cannot always rely on motivation to be there for us. What we need is the discipline to keep us working hard and staying focused when our motivation is lacking. Discipline is the real path to success, while motivation is the door to that path. 

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You Just Can’t Beat the Person Who Never Gives up - Babe Ruth

Winners aren’t necessarily the people who win the first time, and losers aren’t necessarily the people who lose the first time. Losers are the ones who quit in the face of adversity, while winners are the ones who keep going no matter what the odds are. 

While we so often chalk things up to luck, if you never give up, you will find your fortune turning around. It is only by quitting that you can actually be defeated. 

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Life Is 10% of What Happens to Me and 90% of How I React to It - Charles R. Swindoll

We have all had moments in life when we have been thrown curveballs. While these moments feel like the most important thing ever when they happen, the truth is that they are less important than how you react to them. 

At any moment, you are given the choice of how to react, and it is your reactions that shape your life. It is up to us to take control of our lives, even when so many things are out of our control. 

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Don’t Stop When You're Tired, Stop When You're Done.

You may often feel like quitting, so how do you know when it is time to stop? The only right answer is when you are done. 

No matter how tired you are and how far away from the goal you may believe yourself to be, you should never give up, because your goal is still there, waiting for you to arrive. Work hard, remember that you are good enough, and you will one day accomplish your aim. 

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Strive for Progress Not Perfection

We often feel as though things always have to be perfect, but that is not the case at all. What we should strive for is progress. Perfection is never in our grasp, but personal growth is, and it is through that growth that we discover ourselves and what makes us unique.

We are capable of so much, and we should not let a futile goal of perfection obscure all of the things that we can achieve, even if we are imperfect. 

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It Is Better to Live One Day as a Lion Than 100 Years as a Sheep

Sheep are seen as being weak-willed members of a crowd that follow blindly rather than thinking for themselves. Lions are the opposite. They are strong, intelligent, independent, and self-assured. 

Sometimes life may seem cozier and easier as a sheep, but it is as a lion that individuals reach their potential. Don’t be afraid of going against the crowd, you can find your inner lion and let it out as you come into your true self. 

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It’s a Slow Process, But Quitting Won’t Speed It Up

Sometimes the hardest part of reaching your goals is not what you have to go through, but how long it takes. You wish you could just hit the fast forward button and get there already. That is not how life works, though, and it is no reason for you to quit. 

Quitting will get you nowhere fast, while sticking to your goals will get you where you want to be, slowly but surely, and you will grow and learn in the process. 

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Excuses Don’t Get Results

You may feel like you have a million good reasons for why you are not where you want to be. Your failure can be the fault of someone else, of something that came up, or any other number of reasons you may come up with. 

However, remember that no matter how valid you may feel these excuses are, they are not going to get you any closer to your goals, so you should drop them and keep working hard. 

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Nobody Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent. - Elenor Roosevelt

It is only natural for the nasty words and cruel actions of others to affect your psyche. People do not always act kindly, and nobody is immune to negativity coming their way. However, you can work on this and build up body armor against the worst things that may come your way. 

Learn to not let these things get to you, and the best way to do that is by valuing yourself and knowing how strong you really are. 

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Stop Wishing Start Doing

We can always look up in the sky and hope that all the great things will eventually come our way. In fact, people should do that and imagine the world of possibilities that are out there. 

After a certain point, though, you must put aside the act of dreaming and start taking steps to accomplish these dreams. Don’t just be a dreamer, be a doer, and remember that there is no reason your dreams won’t come true as long as you do your best to achieve them.

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Celebrate Even Small Victories. - H. Jackson Brown Jr. 

Sometimes we have such lofty goals in mind that we neglect to appreciate the little things that we achieve. This is a mistake, and we should know that everything we accomplish is worth appreciating and celebrating. 

Don’t just wait for the big promotion or long-awaited victory. Be aware of the everyday beauty of life, and take note of the little things that you accomplish. You will find that you will be much happier for it. 

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It’s Not Your Job to Be Everything to Everyone

Sometimes the hardest thing in our lives can be living up to all of the people that we are close to. This is difficult, because different people have different expectations of us, and it is not possible to meet all of them and keep everybody happy. 

You have to run from the temptation of pleasing people and know that you are your best audience, so let you be the judge and the person you seek to please. 

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Remember Why You're Doing This

In all of the hustle and bustle of life, and the trial and tribulations on the path to our dreams, we sometimes forget what it is we wanted in the first place, and it is easy for our motivation to slip out of our grasp. 

Give yourself the time and space to take a look at what you have set out to achieve, and remember why it was that you decided to go down this path in the first place. 

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Don’t Ruin a Good Day by Thinking About a Bad Yesterday. Let It Go.

No matter how bad today is, tomorrow is a new day, and it is a chance to start fresh. Take that chance, rather than linger on what has happened in the past. Use the moments ahead of you to forge a new path rather than beating yourself up about yesterday’s failings. 

The past only comes back to bite you if you let it, so get out of the habit of living life in your rearview mirror. 

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The Price of Discipline Is Always Less Than the Pain of Regret. - Nido R. Qubein

Working hard is not easy, and it requires a great deal of discipline to pull off. It might go against your natural instincts, as the routine nature of this discipline does not conform to how you want to live. 

However, you will find that, despite how difficult your journey to success may be, it is far less difficult than the feeling of regret you will experience if you give up. In the long run, working hard is the easiest choice. 

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Success Is the Sum of Small Efforts, Repeated Day In and Day Out - Robert Collier

Success does not happen overnight, and whether your success comes all at once or is a slow evolution, the fact is that it is not from a grand gesture, but from the efforts you make on a daily basis, which accumulate until you finally reach the higher place you have been seeking. 

Don’t fret if you feel the work you are doing is small. It is that small work that adds up over time and becomes big. 

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Be Stubborn About Your Goals, and Flexible About Your Methods.

You should know what you want, with an end goal in mind that you are making your journey towards. However, the particulars of that journey should be flexible. 

There is no reason to insist that the way you are going toward achieving your goal is the right one. Be open to other methods, and if it feels like you have just been spinning your wheels, try giving a chance to another way of doing things. It just might work.

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Decide What You Want, Make a Plan, and Work on It Every Single Day.

The world is open-ended, but it is important to give it structure to make sense of our lives. One way to do that is by defining our goals. 

If we understand what it is that we want, and we formulate a plan to accomplish it, we can put ourselves on a secure path to finding success by working hard every day toward that goal. We need this in order to stay focused and not get lost in the limitless options of life. 

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Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination to Succeed Is Strong Enough - Og Mandino

Everybody fails, but it is how we react to those failures that shape who we are and where we will end up. Some people let failure eat them alive, some use their failures as a reason to abandon their dreams, and others use them to add fuel to the fire of their determination.

It is that last group that inevitably will find success. Success is about being determined, no matter what odds are against you.