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This is What You're Missing in Life: Yogastrology

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The Connection Between Yoga and Astrology

Often times when we feel lost and at a crossroads, we turn to our zodiac horoscope for some direction. At these times, while feeling stressed and lost in life, yoga is a great way to release tension and stress, relax your mind, breath, and ground yourself to the earth. So, what about bringing your favorite stress reliever with the reading of the sun, moon, planets, and stars to align ourselves with the universe? We call this yogastrology. Read ahead for the yoga position that best fits your zodiac sign and its ruling celestial body part!

12 Zodiac Signs and Matching Positions

Aries - Warrior Two, Head

Taurus - The Bridge, Neck

Gemini - Downward Dog, Shoulders

Cancer - The Cobra, Chest

Leo - The Lion, Spine

Virgo - The Boat, Abdomen

Libra - The Dancer, Lower Back

Scorpio - The Camel, Pelvis

Sagittarius - Warrior One, Hips

Capricorn - The Gate, Knees

Aquarius – The Eagle, Ankles

Pisces - The Fish, Feet

Ruling Celestial Body

Each zodiac sign has a ruling celestial body and in ancient traditions, every celestial body is paired to a human quality. We know yoga and astrology have been around and working together for a while. Proof? In Sanskrit, the term Hatha (yoga) means sun and moon. Ha = sun and tha = moon. This is just the very beginning of yogastrology.