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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Parenting Style

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Everyone has a different parenting style. Regardless of the books you read or the advice you get from family and friends, who believe they are experts, moms and dads are all different. For those that are curious about what one's zodiac sign says about how they raise their kids, we take a look at the twelve different astrological signs and how they impact the way that one might choose to raise their offspring. While there are varying opinions on what is the right or wrong way to parent a child, especially when it is the first of the family, one's zodiac sign might give some vision as some of the strengths and weaknesses of being a parent. 

Although you may think that being parents with compatible zodiac signs might help, the mantra "it takes a village to raise a child" is true regardless of what the stars in the sky say. Parenting is all about living in the moment, trial and error, and not being afraid to make mistakes. While many of the celebrities listed below have a helping hand in raising their children, nobody can question the love and passion they have for their young ones.  

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Aquarius Mothers - Shakira

Known to wear their hearts on their sleeves, which can be taken as a good or bad trait, there is a lot of pressure on kids to live up to the expectations of their Aquarian mothers. As humanitarians, Aquarians are known to be open-minded and caring human beings, willing to give the world everything and anything that they can.

Truly believing and acting like they are their child's best friend, Aquarian moms will want to share stories of adventures together and how they have done various things to help give back to the community, showing compassion and caring for others. With so much heartfelt doting on their kids, Aquarius mothers have to take time to remember that their kids have their own identity and allow them to explore life for themselves. 

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Aquarius Fathers - Ashton Kutcher

You know that dad who is at the park, climbing on the playground, running around like a little kid himself? Yeah, there is a good chance that dad's zodiac sign is Aquarius. As free spirits, known for enjoying life, being silly, and laughing out loud, Aquarius fathers are great when it comes to hands-on activities and teaching their children to worry more about themselves than what others think of them.

Although they are the best when it comes to fun and adventure, they, however, struggle with communication, specifically when it comes back in short and simple answers, or worse, silence. As some kids (and adults) need longer processing time, it's hard for Aquarius dads to be patient and work through the quiet in order for their kid (or kids) to respond with the kind of in-depth answer that they seek. Hint to dad, don't ask a question that can be answered with a one-word response if you are hoping for something more detailed. 

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Pisces Mothers - Eva Mendes

Although all moms seem to have magical powers, Pisces moms seem to know what you need or the answer to your question even before you do. Sometimes described as angels, Pisces mothers are kind-hearted, positive, and creative-minded cheerleaders, who tend to go above and beyond for others, especially when it comes to their children. 

Always willing to lend a hand, be an ear to listen to, or a shoulder to cry on, Pisces mothers are known to be genuinely caring and intuitive individuals. Sometimes, with all of the time and effort that they spend caring about others, helping them to dream big and follow their hearts and intuition, Pisces moms can forget to spend some time on themselves, which is one of the downsides to being a Pisces. 

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Pisces Fathers - Adam Levine

Pisces fathers are kind of like a box of chocolates, you are going to get a little bit of everything, you just might not always get what you want when you want it. Although they can be easygoing, Pisces' dads tend to focus on things in the future rather than the present.

While it is good to keep an eye and mind on what is happening down the road, when your kid is still playing in the sandbox, the last thing they are thinking about is what college they are going to go to. Known for being expressive, Pisces fathers enjoy fine art, drawing, music, travel, acting, which leans well into helping their young ones learn and know that it is ok to express themselves differently. Just be careful though, as dad's creative mind might take over when it comes to a school project. 

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Aries Mothers - Mariah Carey

Being the child of an Aries mom means that striving for greatness is part of your DNA. Dreaming of the moon and shooting for the stars isn't acceptable as these moms believe that it is possible to have both. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. However, while it is good to be ambitious and goal-minded, Aries moms have to realize that this can be a lot of pressure on a young kid to live up to.

Although encouraging is a welcome act, knowing when to pump the breaks can help relieve a lot of stress and strain a young child may face. As accomplishing their goals, no matter how big or small, is part of their mindset, Aries mothers work extremely hard for their families, and a little appreciation is known to go a long way. Besides, as much as they are loveable and passionate, you certainly don't want to get on their bad side! 

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Aries Fathers - Robert Downey Jr. 

You know that dad who walks into any room and has that certain feeling of confidence and swagger. He can crack a joke or engage in nearly any conversation and hold his own when it comes to witty, sarcastic comments. Chances are he is an Aries.

However, as natural leaders, sometimes Aries dads can be stubborn individuals who often need to lighten up a little bit when it comes to being too overbearing or bossy. While they like being the ones in charge, sometimes trying to teach the dad to let go of the reins a little bit and let their children be the ones in charge can open up a world of trust and understanding in the relationship. 

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Taurus Mothers - Adele 

When it comes to Taurus mothers, it's family is first and then there is everything else. Known to take the role of mothering very seriously, providing security and contentment for her family stands above anything else. A fact that sometimes can lead to physical and mental burnout as a parent.

Never one to want to disappoint their children, Taurus mothers will drop everything to be at the beck and call of their offspring, almost to a fault, leading the young ones to think that everyone should do the same. Known to often amplify the level of guilt, because of her desire to see that her kids have everything they wish for, as they get older, unrealistic expectations can lead to causing issues at home. 

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Taurus Fathers - David Beckham

Just because Taurus dads are described as their child's best friend as they get older, it doesn't mean that they are a pushover growing up. While they have no problem being the disciplinarian, setting the rules, and not accepting any backtalk, they find an equal balance of showing their pride and love for their children's accomplishments.

Outgoing, social, and fun to be around, Taurus fathers, who have a "go with the flow" attitude, enjoy having their kids with them everywhere they go. Although they can be patient and understanding, if you push their buttons too much, Taurus dads will quickly let you know when enough is enough. 

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Gemini Mothers - Angelina Jolie

With a passion to get up and go on a whim, expect many adventures and spur of the moment travel plans from Gemini moms. If you had plans to be a couch potato, you better think again as Gemini mothers will have you outside exploring, exercising, and going on family excursions to parks, playgrounds, hikes, and beaches.

As natural-born teachers, Gemini moms will take the time to explain and educate their children, patiently looking forward to answering the many questions that they may have. However, as much as they enjoy enlightening their children, they equally have a passion for debating, which can occasionally lead their offspring to push their buttons a bit too frequently.

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Gemini Fathers - Kanye West

They are the pillar of strength in their household, but yet they are also emotional individuals themselves, creating a challenging blend. Willingness to give their little ones all of their time and attention (in a good way), Gemini dads have an ability to tune out everything else going on in the world when it comes down to their kids, even putting their own work or interests on the backburner. 

As they are sensitive in their own right, Geminis are known to bottle things up and not express their true feelings and their emotions to their children, until it reaches a boiling point. However, as they want to be seen and are seen as the rock of the family, they would rather keep their feelings to themselves and not show weakness to their children, forgetting that asking for help is okay for both parents and children.   

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Cancer Mothers - Liv Tyler

Special moments and family traditions are extremely important to Cancer mothers as they cherish making every moment count, whether it be a calendar holiday or family created events, like movie or pizza night. As the soothing, nurturing type, having a big family holds a lot of value to Cancer moms.

Knowing that everything positive or negative is temporary, Cancer mothers have the ability to remain unfazed and cool during stressful and emotional times. Having this skill has proven to be extremely valuable in dealing with keeping their children calm when they think that the world is coming to an end. Knowing that they are there for their family and vice versa makes everything right in the eyes of Cancer moms. 

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Cancer Fathers - Kevin Hart

The one thing about Cancer fathers is that they truly love and enjoy being a dad. You can feel it in their hugs! While they can sometimes be seen as overbearing, they enjoy being involved in everything going on in their child's life, from school to sports to hobbies to friends.

Although this can be seen as cool during their younger years, when the kids get older, it becomes a bit much, almost to the point where the kids can feel suffocated. As for those hugs that we mentioned, this zodiac sign can't get enough of cuddling with their kids and is seen as the go-to hugger in the family during good and bad times. 

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Leo Mothers - Mila Kunis

Although some Leos are known to be braggadocious about their kids, it is often done with the best of intents as they are very prideful of their children, willing to talk about and celebrate even the smallest of their accomplishments.

Heck, even a participation ribbon is often reason enough for a celebration ice cream in some Leo households. However, for as much as they enjoy celebrating their children, Leos are equally as protective of their little ones, almost to a fault. While it is acceptable when they are young, as their kids get older, the smothering tends to become overwhelming, leading kids to rebel. Don't be afraid to let the leash out a little, even if they know that you are still holding on at the other end, they will appreciate the freedom. 

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Leo Fathers - Ben Affleck

Fiercely protective of their kids, as the king of the jungle (and any parent for that matter) should be, Leo dads are all about keeping their kids safe. While Leo fathers can be known to spoil their offspring, seeing the joy and happiness it brings can often trump the unnecessary gifts.

Known for their ability to help turn a negative situation into a happy one, Leo dads possess a superpower of turning frowns into smiles. As the young cubs grow into teens and young adults, it is sometimes hard for Leo dads to let their kids have a life of their own, especially with a significant other, as often that "special friend" just doesn't match up with dad's critical opinion, especially with regards to their daughter.

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Virgo Mothers - Beyonce

Everything has a place and there is a place for everything in the household of a Virgo mom. While this can sometimes become frustrating to live with, it is done with the intent of making life easier for everyone. Known to run a tight ship, Virgo mothers know where everyone should be and when they should be there.

While they aren't fully militant in their structure, allowing kids to be kids, they still make sure that there are standards that have to be kept. Always seeking perfection both as individuals and as parents, they aren't above reading the latest self-help book or parenting guide, even if that means tiring themselves out in order to make the perfect birthday cake or science fair project. 

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Virgo Fathers - Liam Payne

Some might call it overbearing, some will call it being paranoid, others will call it attentive, whatever the label is that you choose to put on it, Virgo fathers just want to make sure that their kids are happy and healthy.

While they are excited to help nurture their child's passions, be it sports, arts, or education, sometimes they can be deemed as pushy rather than motivating to find success. Rather than being the "coach", Virgo dads need to understand that sometimes a high five or a hug means a lot more regardless of whether their kid fails or succeeds. As much as kids enjoy having their parents help them or be there for them, Virgo dads need to realize that they have to stay in the role of parent first and foremost. 

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Libra Mothers - Kim Kardashian

There are very few moms out there, Libra or not, that can give their child everything that they ask for, as Kim K does, and that's okay. While Libra mothers are known to be very "chill" with a "go with the flow" outlook on life and being very lenient with the rules, it is important for them to remember that kids need guidelines, structure, and discipline.

Although they may be slack on the rules, one thing that LIbra mothers demand is being open and honest and that there are little to no secrets being kept in the household. Believing that it is better to put all the issues on the table rather than sweep them under the carpet, Libra moms are more often willing to risk an argument than they are having their kids keep something from them. 

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Libra Fathers - Ryan Reynolds

It might be impossible to be cooler than Ryan Reynolds, but we aren't talking about social status when we say that Libra dads are "cool as cucumbers." With their easy-going, laid back persona, although they are more than willing to discipline their children, they don't lose their cool and freak out while doing it.

Using their creative side, Libra fathers enjoy collaborating with their kids to come up with wild new adventures and games to play, which makes telling bedtime stories even that much more entertaining. A Libra dad is willing to explore the world with their kids, whether it be at an amusement park, a new movie, or the latest rock concert, but when that excitement isn't matched, especially as the kids get older, Libra dads may become a bit more depressed. 

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Scorpio Mothers - Anne Hathaway

Scorpio mothers like to invest both time and money into their kids, whether it is by creating unique routines and traditions or by enrolling them in their favorite sports and activities. However, although they are willing to put all the time, money, and energy necessary into their kids, it is important for Scorpio moms to remember that having a balanced life is equally as important.

As with many moms, Scorpios dread the day that their young ones will fly the coup and branch out on their own, but know that their loved ones will soon be back in their lives either by a phone call or in-person to share their life experiences because Scorpio moms are great listeners when it comes to their kids sharing both good and bad news. 

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Scorpio Fathers - Ryan Gosling

Although they like to keep things to themselves, Scorpio dads will do everything in their power to be there for their kids. And while they may prefer doing a quiet and spontaneous outing with their kids as opposed to big, elaborate events, it doesn't mean that they aren't willing to put their preferences aside.

If you're the child of a Scorpio dad, you will know how good they are at keeping secrets and stories to themselves, which goes a long way toward earning a child's trust, especially as they navigate through their teenage years. Despite liking to keep things on the down-low, Scorpio dads are always at the ballpark or the theatre or wherever their kids need them to be, cheering them on and supporting them when they need it the most. And yes, that even includes the changing table when diaper duty calls.

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Sagittarius Mothers - Chrissy Teigen

For Sagittarius moms, it's all about embracing the moment and finding happiness within yourself and everything that you do. With an energetic lust for life, being the child of a Sagittarius is a life full of adventures. Believing that life can teach their kids just as much as school can, travel is a big part of how a Sagittarius mother raises her children.

Traveling doesn't have to mean expensive trips around the world, but even a quick local getaway to explore different areas of where you live can be an eye-opening experience. However, these trips aren't all about learning, as Sagittarius moms embrace the quality time spent with their kids, knowing and often promoting their independence, which includes one day moving out of the house. 

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Sagittarius Fathers - Jay-Z

Family history and tradition carry a lot of weight for Sagittarius fathers. Proud of who they are and where they come from, Sagittarius dads like to share their wisdom and experiences with their children.

With a passion for the past, don't be surprised to see a large number of photo albums around the house or on their cell phone cementing these magical moments. While they enjoy sharing magical moments with their children, Sagittarius fathers are especially proud of sharing and passing on advice to their offspring because, even if they know there is a good chance that it will go in one ear and out the other, they know that, at some point, it will sink in and have an impact.

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Capricorn Mothers - Kate Middleton

While Capricorn mothers do their best to keep a level head, it seems as though they can and want to make anything a teachable moment. Taking great pride in themselves that they can provide a powerful and proper example of a role model for their young ones, Capricorn moms focus on showing their children the difference between reality and a pipedream, regardless of their social status.

With both feet planted firmly on the ground, the offspring of a Capricorn mother will know the true value of a dollar and that rewards are given to those who work hard at home and at school. 

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Capricorn Fathers - John Legend

Life is short, have fun. That is the unwritten motto of Capricorn fathers. Known to not take a lot of things too seriously and to live in the moment, the one thing that they do take seriously is being a good parent and educating their kids.  

Whether that learning comes from books, movies, play or travel, Capricorn dads do their best to make sure that their children are well prepared and knowledgeable about as much of the world as possible. One of the biggest lessons that Capricorn fathers teach, is that the past is in the past and it can not be changed, but the future can be.