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Five Rules for Generating Good Karma in Your Day

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In astrology, there are certain planets, such as Saturn and Jupiter, that are considered “karma” planets. When these planets enter retrograde, they provide a good opportunity to reflect on the laws of karma and to make sure you are sowing seeds of positivity in your karmic field.

Today Karma has many different meanings and related beliefs, but it’s often easiest to understand by looking at how it’s reflected in the natural world. Karma is our breath, going in, then out, then in, then out again. It’s the ebb and flow of the tides.

You get what you give, and it’s important to pay attention to what you’re putting out into the world. Are you bring goodness out there? Are some days better than others? Is there someone that’s done wrong and hasn’t gotten theirs, yet? Remember, to err is human, to forgive is divine.

Sometimes that means self-forgiveness, so you can work on doing better. We all have something we could improve, and it’s worth the effort. Keep your karmic field sewn with goodwill, and sometimes these karma planets will reward your efforts during particularly beneficial transits.

As your reflections come to an end when these karmic planets go direct, you will be prepared to go back out into the world and bring that good energy to fruition. To help you do so, this article explores the five rules of karma that will allow you to bring good karma into the world wherever you go.

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Manifest Love

When we talk about love, we’re not just talking about the steamy romance novel kind. We all need love to thrive, even (and sometimes especially) the plutonic kind. Share your love with others throughout your day and you may find that love blossoms more vibrantly in your own life.

Some days, and for some zodiac signs, this is easier said than done. Maybe someone in your life is just wearing you down, or you got called into work on a Saturday. No matter what your sun sign, if Saturn’s got your number there’s not a lot you can but keep your head down.

Yet when the days get tough, how we handle ourselves can matter more than ever. Every action has its reaction, and if you let a negative mindset guide your actions it’s not hard to see what that could bring into your life.  

When you are struggling, or your see others struggle, do what you can foster the love that is missing from the negative karmic loops that keep us down. Be the embodiment of “do unto others” – it starts with love. 

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Get Creative

If you want to cause a reaction, you have to act! Life doesn’t happen to you, you have to go out there and live it. Let yourself be inspired by the moon, who is one of the greatest teachers for how to work with and understand karma.

When the moon is new, it is a time for beginnings, new projects, and new experiences. When she is full, we harvest the fruits of our labor and reflect before beginning anew.

This is the cycle of creation, and through working by the phases of the moon you become the creator. Challenge yourself with bold beginnings and meet your ends with confidence as you move towards greater things.

Fortune favors the bold, so be a fearless force of creativity. Show the universe you are your own master, and let no opportunity pass you by.

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Take Responsibility

No matter the intent behind your actions, you must be prepared to take responsibility for the reactions they cause. Owning what you do is the best way to keep the good energy going and interrupt cycles of negativity.

Many of us struggle to acknowledge where we have fallen short, or where we have been overcome by a negative mindset. We’re all human, and part of the collective human experience is making mistakes. The key to fostering good karma is to learn from them, which you can only do by taking responsibility.

Acknowledging your shortcomings is the only way to rise above them. You can’t fix anything when you don’t know what there is to change. Forgive yourself your errors, and you are taking the first step in a process of self-healing that can undo past damages and free you to be your best self.

By doing so you can break the negative karmic loops that are keeping you down, and it will be easier to focus on sewing seeds of good karma. As you go through your retrograde reflections, consider the places in your life that you want to improve – it’s likely you will also find what needs to be owned to clear the way for improvement.

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Have Patience

There is a lot of time between sewing seeds under the dark moon and harvest time when the moon is full. It’s during these times that patience becomes critical to maintaining a flow of good karma throughout your days.

Good things come to those who wait! Yet to be patient in a karmic sense does not necessarily mean just waiting. There are small steps to be taken throughout your days to help to keep you on a good karmic path.

At times these steps may be directly related to something you are working towards – whether that be in work, play, or your family, always be ready and willing to make those small acts of goodness or dedication that keep the karmic wheel turning.

Sometimes these steps may seem minor, or unrelated to your life, but you’d be surprised what paying for a stranger’s meal will do for your karma. Small gestures can create big impacts as you deepen your karmic connection to others, drawing yourself deeper into the web of life.

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Be in the Moment

This might seem like a lot to keep track of, but when you look at it all together it describes a way of being. Think of these less as rules, and more as different aspects of how you live your life – with love, creativity, responsibility, and patience.

As the moon waxes and wanes, there is so much life to be had between these beginnings and ends! Sew your seeds, and tend to them with love and patience, but don’t let the moments in the middle pass you by. This is where the art of mindfulness comes in.

Think of mindfulness as the practice of just being. Some zodiac signs are more naturally inclined to mindfulness, particularly the fixed signs like Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio. Others struggle greatly to be in the moment, and it may take you time and practice to become comfortable with simply being.

You may find that practicing mindfulness makes it easier to see those small karmic steps to take in your day or to recognize new opportunities for action that may have otherwise passed you by. Show the universe you can embrace its natural flow, and let it take you to greener karmic pastures.  

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Go With the Karmic Flow

Whatever you seek to bring into your life, living by these five karmic rules will help to keep a positive flow of energy that will bring your dreams to fruition. Be sure to take time to consider your intentions, and make sure you are aligning your efforts and actions with what you are truly seeking to manifest.

Let your actions float on karmic winds, bringing love and goodness to all those around you. Keep your eyes on the prize and stay focused, as you never know when you might find good things blowing back your way.