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According to Their Zodiac Sign, How Will Your Ex Act After a Break Up? 

As they say, breaking up is hard to do. We all know it is never easy and we have all been through it one time or another in life. You might have experienced different reactions from your exes and wondered why that is. Whether you initiated it or they have, each Zodiac sign will react differently to a break up. Each Sun sign has a different personality and taking a look at this guide will help you to understand how it will play out once the relationship is over.

Using this guide, know what to expect from your Ex. Let’s take a look at the stars and use Astrology to give you some insight. Check their Sun Signs here and determine their personality type and what their reaction will be. Handling the breakup will be smoother with this guide and knowing ahead of time what to look for, will give you a heads-up and will help you through it to make the process much easier.



An Aries Ex is often a good thing, especially if you want them to go away, because they will. It is best to leave the relationship amicably and agree to be friends because no sign gets angrier than an Aries. Tread lightly and try not to leave any hurt feelings if you are the one ending it. If your Aries is ending it, you can be sure it will swift and to the point as they walk out.


Having a Taurus ex is not common as they love to be in love and wish to stay in love forever. Taurus Ex hurts and badly, even more than Cancer the Crab does. Let’s say you were the one to break up with them, you can almost guarantee they will never take you back. Holding grudges comes naturally to them and they almost never forgive. Taurus loves hard and leaves hard. Remember that when dating one.  


Gemini lives with one foot out the door on an everyday basis, so if you ask them to leave, they are most likely half packed already. It's that they don’t love you, just that they are always ready to go at a moment’s notice. If they choose to end it, rest assured that they have thought long and hard about it before they actually do it. No sign moves on faster than a Gemini. Usually they have friends of the opposite sex, and sometimes jump into a new relationship as soon as they end one.


Cancers are full of emotion and base every decision on it. Sometimes, they hang on forever no matter what the circumstances. They are last to leave and last to break up, if they even break up at all. After the relationship ends, they will still hope there is a chance with you once again. Cancers do not jump into another relationship right away. Usually they wait until there is no sign of reconciliation before moving on. 


Best not to hurt a Leo if you can help it. Leo runs on pride and will move on and rarely look back. If you hurt a prideful Leo, it would take a lot of love for you on their part, to forgive you. They adore and expect to be adored back in a relationship. In the Zodiac, Leo is the element of Fire and like Aries, get angry if they are hurt. If you decide to end it, it is best to move on and not look back.


During a break up, Virgo is self-critical and even if you tell them it’s not them it’s you, they won’t believe it. Weeks will go by after the breakup and they will wonder what they did wrong and why you really ended it. Virgo will go on living even when devastated, since they are responsible but they will be suffering in silence. Once they are over it, they are over it, and will move on in self-satisfaction knowing they did their best in the relationship that ended. 



Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and they desire partnerships. Libras are understanding and flexible and you can count on your Libra Ex, no matter who initiated the break up, to be okay with it. They genuinely want peace between you and if you ask them to stay away, they will. Natural peacemakers, you will not have any trouble from them after it ends. They are sad but they live and learn and will change their behavior in the next partnership, hoping it will last forever. 


Brace yourself if your relationship with a Scorpio is about to end, or has ended. Scorpio stings just like a scorpion and if you sting them first, they may come back into the relationship one day, but will never fully trust you again. They will always be on guard and mistrustful of you, since you've hurt them. Scorpio Ex is a rough one to go through life with since they never forgive and never forget. 


Going through life after a break up with a Sagittarius Ex can be somewhat confusing. They tend to act like everything is okay when it may not really be that way for them. Once the relationship has ended, there's not much you can do about it, as they move on quickly. Regardless of how much they are hurting, their plan is to go forward and experience all the adventures they can in life, and they will do just that. 


Capricorn Ex is out of sight, out of mind. Granted if you have children with this sign of the zodiac, they will fulfill their parental duties, but the relationship is over for them, usually forever in their minds. No time for self-sympathy, they will go on about their daily lives and do what is necessary and what they feel needs to be done. Strong by nature and they never forget, but do not take too long to forgive and are usually a good ex. 


Your Ex, the Aquarius. Try not to spend too much time in heartbreak over them. Guaranteed if it ended, they were over it long ago. No need to take it personally as they are quite detached in general. Loyal, but detached. If they truly love you, they might just return but don’t count on getting back together. If you wish to remain friends with your ex, Aquarius is a good sign for this. Once ended, they have the capability to continue the relationship without the love and can be your best friend.


An Ex that is the Sign of Pisces will show tendencies of hanging on. The clingy type. No matter which one of you was responsible for the breakup, they will hold on and cling to the past for a long time. Years even. They are the ones who keep texting and calling even when it is of no use. Pisces have trouble getting over it and moving on. Starting another relationship after the breakup will never be sudden, as they need time to heal.