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20 Healing Crystals You Should Always Carry Around

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Some people may think crystals are a new age method of healing, but they have been around since ancient times as a tool used for natural healing. These minerals come from deep within the Earth, and when they surface, they allow us to access their unique energies which can have a positive impact on our lives. 

As Nikola Tesla said, the “secrets of the universe” are in its “energy, frequency, and vibrations,” and these crystals are a way for us to utilize those traits for our own well-being. They can help us both spiritually and physically, with different properties in different kinds of crystals having unique benefits for us depending on what is afflicting us. Let’s take a look at 20 different kinds of crystals and how they can help us out.

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Selenite is known as the master mineral as it requires no charging and it can be used to charge as well as clean other kinds of crystals. It is also more prevalent than other crystals and can be widely found in areas where ancient bodies of saltwater have evaporated, including many in Brazil and Mexico.

One of the things that makes Selenite unique is that it acts as a connection between our world and the spiritual world. It also has a plethora of uses when it comes to healing. Many find its properties to be beneficial for meditation, as it promotes calm within your body and soul. Don’t underestimate Selenite, as it is both powerful and versatile.

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The Moonstone is a stabilizing crystal, and it has many properties that make it special. It is connected to the moon as well as femininity, and it can help us harness those energies. Unsurprisingly, it represented ancient Indian gods and goddesses, and for that association, it is much revered.

Women find Moonstone valuable for problems relating to hormones and menstruation. It also helps with water retention, obesity, and digestion. On a spiritual level, Moonstone will keep our egos in check, as well as refrain our materialism from getting out of control. It is especially important as it helps us expand beyond our earthbound realms. 

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Aventurine is associated with opportunity, as it is said to be a lucky crystal. Those who seek fortune keep it handy, and those who go gambling find it especially useful in their high-risk ventures. Anyone setting out on a new path may keep Aventurine near them to increase their chances of success. 

Aventurine also helps with recovery, so it is good for those who have undergone surgery or fallen sick, and it is known for promoting heart health and blood flow. Additionally, it creates peace in your mind, helping you keep your emotions from bubbling over, and it is connected to the Heart Chakra.

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Crystal Quartz

This stone is often linked with the spirit, and it is more famous than any other crystal. It can help you having a better look into your metaphysical side, bridging the gap with your physical side, and with the entire color spectrum within it, it has an impact on our desires and feelings.

The Crystal Quartz can be worn to give you a boost as it may bring your desires to life and increase your vibrations. By putting what you want into the crystal, it will bring that into the world. It has physical properties as well, with health benefits thanks to the boost it gives to your immune system along with your circulatory system and it facilitates qi energy’s flow within you.

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The gold color of Citrine sticks out, and it signals that this stone is known for its association with money and gold. Those who wish for better luck in financial matters should bring it along with them, and it is great for any sort of business meeting.

Citrine is effective when placed on a CEO’s desk, and on top of its financial benefits, its health properties are also impressive. It will help you in high-pressure situations as its metabolic properties will work in favor of your digestion and prevent nausea, which stress can bring on. It also makes your nerve impulses stronger, making your thinking clearer and response time quicker. 

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Agate is known for giving you stability inside. It is found in many colors and can also be completely clear, and the complex varieties of its appearance match the multitudes that are within us. It can also help us see ourselves more clearly thanks to its properties of self-awareness and connections to our spirits.


It can make us calmer, happier, and more confident in ourselves. On top of that, it will give our thoughts a clearer expression, and for that reason, it is an excellent tool for students before taking a test or for other trials or important events that require mental acuity.

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Tourmaline is known for its protective properties, and it keeps our energies grounded and push away negativity. In the past, Tourmaline was known to give protection to beings who dealt with metaphysical properties such as shamans and witches, and today its benefits can be applied to ordinary people of all sorts.

Among its properties are absorbing dark energies to keep them away from you, which helps you stay positive in difficult situations. On a physical level, it promotes your spinal alignment and improves joints pain. It also boosts immunity and helps you with stress and tension as it serves to strengthen your adrenal glands.

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is an attractive pink color, and it has long been connected to matters of love. It will help you share your love, desire, and feelings with others. It can help you attract people, so those looking for love will find it useful, and those who have already found love will see that it can make attachment stronger between both parties. 

It helps you heal emotional pain and is good for heart health, given its association to the Heart Chakra. It not only helps your circulation but can also bring down your blood pressure, as well as regulate your heartbeat, making it an essential for anyone in need of help with matters of the heart, both physical and emotional.

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Turquoise is truly ancient, and for many millennia it has been used in sorcery and was a favorite of royalty thanks to the protection that it provides. In addition to protection, it is known for its properties of wisdom, making it extremely beneficial all around as it gives your meridians extra strength.

It is a good crystal for meditating as well as communicating, as it is linked with the Throat Chakra. It can help make any blockages inside of you clear up and keep the energy flow within your body maintained. Going beyond your throat, Turquoise also helps your brain, neck, and ears, so anybody with issues in those areas should keep it nearby.

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Fluorite is one of the best crystals when it comes to promoting positive energy. Negative energies get drawn into the stone, vacating the space around you so positivity can flourish. With its many colors providing auric protection, Fluorite is a must when looking to boost your vibrations.

It can help you relax your mind, and it can also make you more understanding and intuitive. It is great at helping you think clearly and listen attentively, making it an essential stone for those who need to study. It has health benefits as well, including bringing down inflammation, allowing your mucus membranes to heal, and relieving you from cold symptoms. 

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Lapis Lazuli

The Lapis Lazuli is notable for its gorgeous blue color, and it is associated with truth, helping people with traits such as judgment and wisdom. It has historically been the crystal of the rich gilded and the royals, and there is a good reason why so many have chosen to seek this stone.

The Lapis Lazuli is associated with the Throat Chakra as well as the Upper Chakras, and on top of communication, it helps with seeing your inner truths and finding your spiritual self. Physically, it can help with throat issues, and any singer should adopt the Lapis Lazuli for its benefits on vocal cords. It even helps people with ADD and can give them the focus that often eludes them.

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Jade can be found across the planet in an assortment of colors depending on where you are, and it has been heavily used for many millennia by different groups of people. Few stones in history have seen such extensive use over time, and with jade's multiple properties, it is easy to understand why.


On a metaphysical level, Jade can help us get in touch with higher consciousness as we dream, and it also gives us a better understanding of love and reality. Its healing properties help the heart to detox, and it is recommended for those looking to cleanse their system, heal after surgeries, and alleviate pain in their joints.

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The Amethyst is widely found around the world, and its vibrant purple color makes it stick out along with its numerous healing properties. It can help you manifest your greatest wishes into reality, and as it is connected to Upper Chakras, it can make the spiritual realm come down to the physical world.

For healing purposes, it is widely used for insomnia, and it is recommended that you put it under your pillow to facilitate a good night's sleep. It also can help you with neck pain and headaches, and it will keep your hormones balanced and promote a healthy nervous system. It is no surprise that Amethyst has become so popular in New Age healing.

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The blue-green Kyanite is great for emotional support and comfort, and not only does it help you, but it helps other crystals as well as it can cleanse them along with various spaces. One of its unique traits is that it does not need to be cleansed itself, as negative energies do not build up inside of it, making it essential to keep around. 

Kyanite is good for meditation because it can help you reach channels into other realms. It is said to be good to keep around when people pass away, as it can help them smoothly transition into another realm. In our own realm, it is good for any stress that comes in our throat, head, or eyes, and it is an effective way to decrease these tensions.

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Obsidian is known as the mirror stone for its reflective black surface, which is said to help you see within your inner self. It also helps give stronger vibrations, and it has been used for millennia to help people discover their spiritual selves. Through the new realms that it gives you access to, you can learn new types of knowledge that would otherwise be inaccessible.

It is with Obsidian that you can look at your shadow self, and, as it shows you your own personal weak points, you can get a better understanding of who you are. It provides great emotional help to people, taking away the stress and trauma that they have gone through and have never properly dealt with.

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Blue Topaz

If you work in the creative industries, Blue Topaz is a crystal you want in your life. This crystal will make your mind sharper and more agile, helping you take in ideas as well as helping you create new ideas of your own. More than any other, this is the stone for a high functioning mind.

On top of its benefits socially and professionally, it can also be a great spiritual tool, as it can put you in contact with various spirits. Just as it makes your mind more open, it makes your soul more open as well. It can also help heal eye problems, inability to taste, and mental issues.

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Opal is connected to the Third Eye Chakra, and the multicolored, gorgeous crystal is not only pleasing to the eye but is considered to be the stone of the eye. Opal comes in more than ten varieties, hailing from all over the world, and properties of each vary. However, there are common traits among them, and they all promote well-being through positive feelings.

If you put Opal under the light, a rainbow spectrum is revealed, and as it shows the color spectrum, it also unveils much in the spiritual realm. It excites the energies within us and can help us get in contact with other realms. Its status being an eye stone makes it good for our eyesight, and it also helps with memory.

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Amazonite makes us emotionally strong, helping us forget about our fears and anxieties and it gives us the courage to move forward. Amazonite is important to give us balance as it acts as a cleansing tool for the chakras. Overall, it facilitates the internal balance between the spiritual, mental, and physical spheres, keeping our body, mind, and soul all aligned. 

It has physical properties such as providing relief for ailments such as acne and skin rashes, and if you have a cut then Amazonite can help prevent it from getting infected. It can also help you with a trauma that you have ignored and left alone to fester deep in your conscience.

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Garnet is known for properties relating to both health and creativity, making it a versatile stone to keep around. The crystal, which can be found in many different colors all around the world, will help you shed your mental reticence, and it will open you up to create without too much self-consciousness.

The Garnet is a great stone for those looking to express themselves, and it connects your spiritual self to your physical self so you can communicate clearly. Its health benefits include helping your metabolism, boosting your libido, and preventing excessive bleeding as it helps your blood clot, all while keeping your body running efficiently.

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Hematite contains a lot of iron, which gives it a red hue, prompting the nickname of “bloodstone.” It is said to be strongly connected with the earth as well as the Root Chakra, and it is known for its grounding energy. This energy promotes our own humility as we know our place in the world.

Because of the iron in Hematite, the crystal helps our blood go through its detox, and it also can help with menstrual cycles, regulation, and support our heart. It also relaxes us, and issues related to stress will decrease in the presence of the stone as it gives our nervous system relief.