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What You Should Know Before Dating a Cancer Sign

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So, you’ve fallen for a Cancer. If you’ve been reading up on the astrology of romance, you might have heard that these women can be tough nuts to crack, especially if they’ve suffered heartbreak in the past. If you want to win over a Cancer gal, you’ll need to show you’re committed before they’ll let you through their many defensive layers.

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Home is Where the Heart Is

In the right situation, the sensitive Cancer woman is a motherly figure who aims to be reliable for her partner, children, and even friends. If her partner shows they have the reliability she desires, she will open herself up to a rich and loving homelife.

If she is lost in love or has had an unstable family life, these desires may become lost or misdirected. They may turn to adopt pets as a receptacle for their love or rely heavily on their friends for the support they would want from a partner. These Cancers are very receptive to a knight in shining armor.

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How to Start Your Romance

An ideal first date with a Cancer woman should involve an activity such as a movie or concert, rather than a drink and chat. These women can be very shy at first, even to the point of avoiding eye contact, so a date that doesn’t put the spotlight on them is best.

Once she opens up a little, you can expect her to take the lead sometimes, especially if it’s an activity she’s passionate about. But when it comes to her feelings, she might take a bit longer to show enthusiasm – a Cancer woman needs to feel 100% safe before she reveals how she truly feels.

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Touchy at Times

Just like other water signs, Cancer is known for being a little oversensitive at times, often taking offense where none was intended. In a flash, she can turn to stone, even if she’s still smiling on the outside.

The best thing to do in this situation is just let her work through the hurt in her own time – she’ll let you know when she’s ready to be friends again. To keep the peace in a relationship, avoid paying on her insecurities and try not to judge her for her moods.

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Keep it Fun

There’s a sense of playfulness that can stay with many Cancer women well into their later years. This makes them receptive to a great sense of humor and someone who loves to laugh.

Just be careful what form your jokes take – her sensitive nature will not tolerate mean-spirited barbs.

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Cancer Compatibility 

If you want to be the ideal partner for a Cancer, you need to know what she’s looking for. While Cancers do like to retain their independent nature, they want someone they can rely on to be there for them.


They look for someone who can love and support them in order to fulfill their true potential.