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Simple Ways to Achieve Mind, Body, and Soul Balance

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Nowadays, we are learning that being healthy doesn’t solely depend on heading to the gym and eating salads. There is so much more to living a healthy lifestyle, above and beyond food and exercise. We need our mind, body, and soul to be functioning as well as possible in order to achieve health and contentment. 

If your body is in peak condition, but your mind is fraught with worry, stress, and anxiety, then you will still end up suffering. Likewise, if you are achieving mental wellbeing, but your body is tired and down, then you will feel unbalanced. Everything in ourselves is connected, so it’s important to focus on trying to achieve a healthy balance. This means paying attention to all of your emotional, mental, and physical needs. Here are just some of the things you can do each day to improve your overall well-being and help to balance your life.  

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Learning Can Be Fun

When we leave school, most of us decide we don’t ever want to have to study or take any more academic tests for the rest of our lives. But learning can be fun and stimulating, especially when you get to choose what you want to learn about. At school, we’re told what to know, but on your own, the world is your oyster.

Reading a non-fiction book about a historical event, or an autobiography about someone you admire won’t be a chore if it is something you’ve chosen to read about. Taking an online course about a subject that always interested you won’t seem like hard work because you are already intrigued about the subject matter. Netflix has a huge range of documentaries that can teach you more than you ever thought possible. So put the enjoyment back into studying, and give your brain cells some agreeable exercise. 

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Look Beyond the Mind Using Meditation

In theory, we should all be able to sit down comfortably, take a deep breath, and focus on having no thoughts whatsoever in our minds. Though, anyone who has ever tried meditation will know that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

There are so many benefits to meditating, including improvement of sleep, mood, and creativity. It is also excellent for helping your attention span. Sit somewhere quietly with your eyes closed and focus on your breath for a couple of minutes, trying to drown out any outside noise. If a thought comes into your mind, let it slide away. As you get better at meditating, increase the length of each session. 

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Get Up, Stand Up

A long day at work usually involves sitting down for hours at a time. That’s not good for either your mind or your body, so make an effort to stand up at regular intervals and take a short walk.

Even better, invest in a standing desk if you have an office-based job. It may take some time to adjust to the new set-up, but your body will thank you, especially your back. Sitting for too long increases your risk of chronic heart problems, so avoid too many hours in your chair, or on your sofa. 

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Get Your Heart Rate Up

Exercise is proven to be good for you, and you don’t need as much as you may think. Simply doing 15 minutes of moderate to fast-paced exercise a day will help your head, heart, mind, and overall well-being. Try to incorporate this into your daily regime, and you are sure to feel the benefits in no time.

It’s easy to find 15 minutes in your day, so think about changing your commute to work from sitting on a train to riding a bicycle. Or head out for a brisk run before you start your day. Teaming up with a friend improves your consistency and accountability. 

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Enjoy Time Outside

We tend to spend most of our time indoors, be it sleeping, working, relaxing, or socializing. Take the opportunity to head outside and enjoy nature, and some refreshing weather. We all know that sunshine gives the body some much-needed vitamin D, so if the weather is warm, then take advantage of it whenever you can.

There are so many fantastic activities you can do outside, including hiking, camping, enjoying a picnic, or exploring your local parks and forests. Your mind and body will thank you for the change of scenery and atmosphere.

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Eat Healthily as Much as Possible 

We all enjoy the occasional naughty treat, but over time, your body won’t thank you for it. Health drastically decreases with too much junk food, sugar, and salt. Meat and carbohydrates are fine in moderation, but too much of them can damage your arteries and bring out health complications. 


Consider moving to a more plant-based diet to decrease your risk of cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, and many more problems. The healthier switch to more fruit and vegetables will also help shift some pounds, and increase your energy levels.

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Lend a Hand 

Spending some of your time helping others is a wonderful way to give back to society, and also feel better for doing it. Volunteer groups are prevalent all around you, and a quick search online will bring up a list of various groups and organizations that help local communities.

You may want to help with a beach cleanup operation, or answer calls from those in need at the Samaritans or help out at a local hospital. Perhaps you want to work with children, the elderly, or animals. By helping others, you will also feel the benefits. 

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Do Something That Stirs Your Emotions

We all have hobbies, but sometimes we don’t invest enough time doing the things we love. So focus on making time in your day to do the very thing that lifts your spirits and calms your mind. Perhaps you find painting relaxing or doing some gardening in the sunshine.

We do so much each day that doesn’t nourish our emotions and soul, so it’s important to add some passion and pure enjoyment to each day. Turn the music on, kick off your shoes, and dance around in the rain! Your mind and body will thank you for it.

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Turn It up to 11

While we are talking about music, there is nothing better than losing yourself in your favorite tune; be it singing out loud as your do some chores, or thrashing around in your living room to some '80s rock classics. Grab a hairbrush and sing with your fake microphone as you let loose and reminisce about the first time you heard the track.

As William Shakespeare wrote in "Twelfth Night," “If music be the food of love, play on.” So feed your soul, and turn up the stereo.

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Focus on What You Have in Your Life to Be Thankful For

Many people have recently started using gratitude lists. The aim is simple – take some time to sit and think about all the wonderful things and people around you. Appreciate the friends and family you have, or the pet that races excitedly to the door to greet you when you arrive home each day. 

Think about the roof over your head or the holiday you’ve just enjoyed. Focusing on gratitude is known to improve physical and psychological health, as well as soothe the mind, and enhance sleep. So grab a pen and a piece of paper and start listing all the things you are grateful for.

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Be Nice to Yourself – You Deserve It

You spend a lot of time being nice to others, but rarely do you take a few minutes off your day to be nice to the most important person of all – YOU! Thank your mind, body, and soul as many times as possible by treating yourself to an impromptu pamper session or a trip to your favorite café.

Don’t beat yourself up for not getting the ironing done, or for having that extra piece of chocolate. We deserve a pat on the back for all the great things we achieve in a day, and there needs to be a little reward now and again. So do something nice for yourself, and remind yourself that you are trying your best. Be as kind to yourself as possible, as much as possible.

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Sleep Is More Important Than You Realize

Poor sleep can have many damaging repercussions for your mental and physical health. It can lead to heart problems, diabetes and obesity, as well as mental problems, so do everything you can to regularly gain enough sleep each night.

Take a hot bath or shower before you head to bed to wind your body down. Put your phone in another room so you aren’t actively engaging your brain until the small hours of the morning. Spray some lavender mist on your pillow to help you fall asleep, and don’t eat sugary food right before you head to bed. A soothing cup of chamomile tea will help you relax and unwind before bedtime. 

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Opt for Natural Products

We are learning more and more about the harm of chemically-laden products, so consider switching to healthier, kinder, and more natural options. There are so many companies that now offer these choices, and they include everything from hair products, to skincare and make-up, too.

We can all be kinder to our skin, scalp, and body by switching from toxic, chemical brands to natural ones, and your body will thank you for it. Deodorants can be heavy in aluminum, and that can cause both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases so, by replacing them with natural products, you can immediately reduce your risk of brain problems in the future. Harmful chemicals are applied directly onto the skin without many of us realizing it, so be sure to read the ingredients on the bottles in your bathroom cabinet and make the necessary changes.  

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Remove Poisons From Your Home

We all love to have a clean, germ-free home, but we are harming ourselves in the process. Your cupboards are probably filled with deadly chemicals that can kill you if consumed. Just by breathing in their fumes, you are causing harm to your body.

Drain cleaners, bleach, detergent, surface cleaners, and air fresheners are all dangerous when inhaled. They can irritate your skin and eyes, causing headaches, and can also lead to cancer. So seek out as many chemical-free alternatives as you can. 

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Your Dream Job Is the Only Job

While it is lovely to receive a big, fat paycheck at the end of each month, it means nothing if you hate every minute you spend at work. Bills need to be paid, but there is no point in having money in the bank and nice things if you are too run-down and miserable to enjoy them.

So choose a vocation that you enjoy and that makes you feel worthwhile when you do it. People save up for vacations to get away from the stress and strain of their job, but what if you did a job that you don’t have to escape from all the time? That’s the ultimate aim in life, so work out what truly makes you happy and turn it into your vocation. 

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Let It Go, Let It Go

We've all had the lyrics to "Let It Go" from "Frozen" swirling around in our heads, whether we like it or not, but the message in the song is extremely important. Some things in life are not worth stressing over, and our lives would be so much easier if we simply let them go.

So if it’s not hugely important, and you can do without it, just put it out of your mind. As Bridget Fonda told herself repeatedly in the film, "Point of No Return," “I never did mind about the little things.” Wise words.  

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Take Your Foot off the Gas

These days, we all seem to be going at full speed, and most of the time, that’s simply not necessary. The work will still get done, and life will still carry on if we just slow down a little bit. Sometimes our daily grind makes us feel like we can’t relax very much, but that’s just not true.

So give yourself a break whenever you can, and take the time to enjoy quiet moments. Take a leisurely walk around the block, or read a chapter of your book. It should make you more effective and efficient, so take a break and recharge your batteries. 

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You Can’t Please Everybody All the Time

We all like to be liked. It’s a wonderful feeling when someone speaks highly of you or pays you a compliment about your qualities and attributes. But trying too hard to please people will have a detrimental effect on you over time and it’s both mentally and physically exhausting in the long run.

By trying to please people, you will eventually lose your identity, as you start to mirror them in an effort to gain their approval or acceptance. It’s exhausting saying yes to every invitation or phone call when you don’t have the energy or time. In a relationship, the people-pleaser tends to do all the planning, shopping, and listening, which makes for a very one-sided, and deeply unfulfilling partnership. So learning to say no every so often, and voicing your true opinion can make for a much better life. 

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Hey, Cut It Out!

Life can be very stressful at times, but there are ways to rid yourself of a lot of that burdensome stress. One of the main ways to do this is to cut down on unnecessary spending, to reduce worrisome bills and financial concerns. Are your cupboards overflowing with junk? Then have a day of sifting, sorting, donating, recycling, and throwing. As you lighten the weight in your drawers and closets, you will feel lighter, too.

Do you have a friendship that takes more than it gives? Then cut it out of your life. Are you in a job that stresses you more than it fulfills you? Then you know what to do. It's time for some much-needed change. 

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No-one Likes a Gossip Girl

While it’s fun to hear a juicy bit of gossip now and again, the person who is doing the gossiping isn’t held in high regard by others. They can’t ever be trusted with a secret, as they enjoy passing the information on too much. They will never value the trust that the person gave them by asking them to keep it secret from others. So if they can spill the tea about that person’s secret, then they can do it with yours too.

Someone with a reputation of being a gossip is never fully trusted, as they are too judgmental and opinionated. They love to give away your most precious secret to anyone who will listen, and that never makes for a solid friendship. So try not to be one of those people. It won’t serve you well in the long run. 

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This Natural Wonder Drug Really Is the Best Medicine

There are so many benefits to having a belly-aching laugh that makes your sides hurt. Laughter relieves tension and stress, and the effects of a hearty laugh can last for up to 45 minutes. It also increases the immune cells and antibodies in your system, helping you to fight diseases.

Laughing is mentally good for you too, and helps you both emotionally and socially. Anything that can help you stay away from the doctor is certainly a fantastic natural medicine. 

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Grab Your Passport and Get Happy

Travelling is one of the best ways to improve your mental well-being, as it helps boost your confidence, get you out of your comfort zone, and introduce you to other cultures and ways of living.

It helps improve your social and communication skills too, especially if you head to a country that doesn’t speak your language. Travel will help you broaden your horizons and create memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. So dust off your passport and head to the airport. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it. 

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Take the Natural Approach

There are so many natural alternatives available these days. By making a few simple changes, your mind, body, and soul can truly benefit from swapping over to natural options. Swap the toxins and chemicals for healthier, kinder products, and switch the processed food choices for a fresher, cleaner diet.

Add some essentials oils to your home to create a more peaceful, calmer environment for you to enjoy. Try some holistic remedies when you aren’t feeling well, instead of heading to the pharmacy. These small changes are sure to help you achieve a better balance in life. 

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You’re Forgiven

People make mistakes, and that includes you. We don’t mean to do it, and when other people ask for forgiveness, we dig deep and find it in our hearts to accept their apology and move forward. So why is it so hard to forgive ourselves?


If you can’t allow yourself the peace that comes with granting yourself forgiveness, then you will hold on to negative feelings and emotions until they start to gnaw away at your self-esteem and confidence. So cut yourself some slack, allow yourself to move forward, and learn from your mistakes. You will feel so much better for it. 

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Try a Bit of Downward Dog for Amazing Health Benefits

There are 11 main types of yoga including vinyasa, ashtanga, and restorative. There is also aerial yoga, as well as hot yoga, which is conducted in rooms where the temperature is 40 degrees centigrade. There are so many benefits to practicing this form of exercise, including improving your strength and flexibility.

It’s also excellent for your mind as much of the class is based on breathwork and focusing on connecting your mind, body, and soul as one entity. Muscle conditioning and toning adds to the long list of reasons approximately 300 million people practice yoga around the world.