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Your Zodiac Sign's Best Tips for Saving Money

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Keeping track of your incomes, expenses, and savings is complicated, not everyone knows how to deal with doing their finance. It has to do with education, personality and yes - also the stars. So in order to understand what's the best way for you to save money tune in to your zodiac sign and its traits and find the best strategy for you! 


You’re generous with your time with others and with whatever good cause you’re currently pursuing. With your innovative and uncompromising nature, it can be hard to talk you out of something new and exciting.

Success Strategy: You like being humanitarian, but you should always start with budgeting for yourself first and foremost. Your family probably has some tried and true tips on how to invest successfully. As with all things in life, you want to analyze the results. So find the latest investing app that allows you to see exactly how your money is being managed and offers you easy access to make adjustments on the fly.

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When you’re such an imaginative person, it’s hard to focus on the more boring, material concerns in life. Although, every once in a while, you need to get your head out of the clouds. In money matters, you’ll find there are people out there that want to help you find financial success.

Success Strategy: Every good dream should start with a solid foundation. Investing could be key for you to never have to see what’s building up in the background. You can forget about it and go to bed knowing a successful future is slowly accruing. Out of sight and out of mind.

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You’re headstrong and no one can really get in your way. This focus, when misguided, can tune out some of the warning signs that will keep you from overspending. Your hit it and quit it approach has shown you just how fast a few 20's can disappear in the span of a day.

Success Strategy: You love a little challenge so find out what one of your close friends is doing to save and see if you can beat them at their own game! If putting your hand in the cookie jar tends to lead to excess, find a service that will penalize you for taking money out impulsively. For a really bold look, try not taking your wallet at all! Parent yourself in the realm of financial spending.

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Your practical and stable nature is your greatest weapon concerning finances. However, you can be staggeringly uncompromising in your approach. This makes it very hard to talk you out of spending major dough on luxury items.

Success Strategy: Utilize your inner entrepreneur to barter for the best price or trade goods to lessen the total. Think of your savings as a mountain you’ve always wanted to climb. At the top, you’ll find you can fulfill your most expensive wish list through perseverance and skill. 

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You like staying adaptable for whatever the new day brings. However, this flexibility can distract your from keeping stable finances.

Success Strategy: If you set increments that auto-deduct from your account, over time you’ll see that this is a sure fire way to save the amount you need for the next big splurge. This way your savings won’t need your constant attention, so you can keep moving forward knowing you’re setting yourself up for success.

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Your emotional clarity allows you to see when spending on something doesn’t feel good. This gives you an advantage when it comes to financial freedom. The most fulfilling purchases center around your home, where you find comfort in the ones that feel the most personal.

Success Strategy: Having something like a rainy day fund could be the perfect solution to fall back on when you’re feeling blue. If you’re particularly crafty, opening an Etsy shop can give you extra income for anything you make in your spare time.

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Your generosity knows no bounds. But are your savings suffering because you keep picking up the tab? Try exercising some restraint when it comes to buying things for your loved ones. People already admire you for your warmth and creativity.

Success Strategy: We know you’ll come up with the most personal and most exciting Christmas gifts for everyone important! They don’t have to be the most expensive gifts to get the most genuine reactions. Find a cost-effective solution that allows for a personal touch like a homemade photo project. Get creative with your spending habits.

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Your critical mind can make you focus too much on your mistakes. You can’t be perfect at everything. Try not getting caught up in the details. Shoot for a goal and make small adjustments along the way.

Success Strategy: There’s a lot of ways you could save in the long run, by purchasing a membership to something up front. For instance, an Amazon Prime membership gives you priority shipping year round. Plus, with their added streaming service, you'll get to watch that show your co-worker has been raving about. Find rewards programs that allow you to save small amounts on routine purchases.

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Not one for much alone time, you’re constantly looking for the cutest and trendiest places and events to attend. You know all to well that living the life of a social butterfly can really drain your bank account.

Success Strategy: Discuss the plan with your friend or partner before hand, so you know whether the place you’re going to offers specials like dinner-for-two pricing or a happy hour. If you really want to see how fast money can disappear, try taking a set amount of cash with you. Plus, once the cash is spent, you can have some fun relying on your charm to get you a free drink or two.

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Your passion, when you’ve got a hold on it, can help you achieve some serious success in money matters. You may even be receptive to some of the more risky investments that promise huge rewards. However, your calculating nature can push you to withhold money info from those closest to you.

Success Strategy: It would benefit you to find an investment advisor that you can divulge your gains(and losses) to. The sooner you come out of the dark about your spending habits, the better off you’ll be.

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You’re not one to stick to anything for too long. Always on the go, you want to experience adventure at whatever cost. This can be devastating for your finances, if you’re going on the latest backpacking trip without planning first.

Success Strategy: With your luck, you’ve probably won some money a time or two. Make sure you’re investing any unexpected earnings and not just blowing it on the coolest new luggage set at the airport. After all, it’s the adventures that you’ll need the savings for, not the flashy gear.

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You know better than most how to manage money. Your self-discipline helps you achieve intimidating long-term goals. You’re good, as long as you don’t fall into the hoarding mentality wherein you never find opportunities to treat yourself.

Success Strategy: Look for an investment opportunity that yields high returns over time. Set a goal and date that you want to have a certain amount of money by. Take the time to find a bank offering the best percentage interest for any money you set aside.