Here Are 24 Mantras to Heal Your Soul

Published on November 22, 2020

Thank you for your confirmation - we're thrilled to start this journey with you. We'd like to start with the most basic building block of oneself: the soul.

The soul has a lot of different definitions. Some define it as the spiritual part of a person that exists inside and outside of the body at the same time. Our soul is the spiritual side of our life, something that can’t quite be fully explained but we still feel it. When we try to envision our soul, we often feel like it’s a glowing orb that radiates the feeling of sentiment, softness, and love. Some see their soul as a kind of powerful energy that can’t be physically touched or disturbed.  

Everyone has a soul, however – not everyone is in touch with their soul. The process of getting to know your soul and accepting it might not be the same for everyone. These mantras should be used as a way to guide you towards a new sense of soul. It has been said that mantras are like a kind of medicine for the soul.  

Monk meditating and practicing mantras.