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All You Need to About Pisces Signs

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Pisces Sign

Pisces Dates: February 19 - March 20

Pisces is the final constellation of the zodiac. They’re whimsical, elaborate, and otherworldly. As the final sign, they represent the summit of all the other signs’ characteristics, meaning they are the most challenging to define. But that’s not to say we won’t try to dissect the basics. Keep reading to learn more about the dynamic Pisces.

Your Sun sign: Pisces.

Pisces Element: Water. Water signs are characterized by emotions and empathy. These are often deep, complicated people with high concentrations of emotional intelligence. They tend to be dramatic and unstable but also warm and creative. 

Your quality: Mutable. Mutability is all about mediation between phases and change. All mutable signs have dual characteristics, as their strength lies in interpreting and conveying meaning across parties.

Pisces Ruling Planet: Neptune: This celestial figure controls creativity and dreams, so Pisces are more intuitive than others and possess artistic talent. They are also benevolent, compassionate, as well as highly faithful, and affectionate. Pisces is also known to be most tolerant of all the zodiac signs. 

Pisces Symbol: The fish.

Key Phrase: “I believe.”

Your One-Word Mantra: “Solid.”

Pisces Personality Traits and Compatibility

Pisces Best Traits: Pisces are brilliant and possess unequaled imaginative abilities. Their creativity can greatly impact the world and inspire others to explore their own potentials. This sign is skilled at convincing the heart as well as the mind. Their magic is authentic and can never be duplicated. 

Pisces Worst Traits: Because they transcend boundaries easily, Pisces can find it hard to assert their own. They have a huge heart and are empathetic, so they are always ready to lend an ear and soak up the feelings of others. But when the time comes to ask for help, Pisces would sometimes close themselves in, believing no one understands how they feel.

Best Careers for Pisces: Pisces tend to excel in artistic or philanthropic fields. They can often be found as musicians, visual artists, politicians, religious leaders, social workers, and not-for-profit organizers.

As a Friend: Great at putting the needs of others before their own, a Pisces friend will be the shoulder to cry on when you’re burdened. Filled with wisdom and empathy, they may not have first-hand experience with the problem at hand, but they would still give great advice. They’re also effortlessly cool and keep up with the latest trends. 

As a Parent: Pisces know how best to manage their kids’ moody temperaments (considering they’re usually the moodiest folks they know). Being perfectionists themselves, they will enforce high standards, but they will always support their kids no matter what.

As a Partner: Pisces are dedicated partners. They can take a while to loosen up around crowds, but they enjoy cozying up to their partners and chatting all night. This sign is deep and complicated and their S.O. may never be able to completely understand them. 

Pisces Secret Traits: The typical Pisces is otherworldly and dynamic, so it can be surprising when they approach you with hard analysis. They are imaginative and insightful, hence they perceive things others would usually miss.