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The Best Rom-Coms for You Based on Your Star Sign

Everyone loves a romantic comedy - yes, even the guys who say that they are way too tough for all the gooey stuff. There comes a time when you need Hudson and McConaughey and nothing else will fit the bill. Everyone dreams of finding someone to make them love and laugh, and these films give us hope that there actually is someone out there like that for us. 

If you think about it, we bet every time you look for something to watch on Hulu or Netflix, you find yourself hovering between that new hit war epic and your much-loved 00’s favorite romantic comedy. However, did you know the movies you choose could be written in the stars? Certain movies are best for particular star signs, and we’ve listed them here. 



According to astrologists, Aries always needs a bit of action in their life. If they aren’t out doing it, then their imagination must be captured by love through adversary or toughing it out together in rough circumstances. Aries signs love a hero too. After all, their sign is ruled by the goddess of war. 

So what should you watch with your Aries lover? How about something with plenty of adventure? Rob Reiner’s 1987 heroic tale, "The Princess Bride," fits the bill here. Farmhand Westley must overcome many challenges to reach his one true love, Buttercup. You’ll laugh, cry and wonder why they just don’t make ‘em like that anymore. 


Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, Tauruses are all about the aesthetics of a movie. There should be romance, and it should look really attractive. Nature provides a good background, or a restaurant bathed in candlelight.  Despite the need for beauty, Tauruses are realists, so they don’t want to get carried away in the fantasy of it all.

"Always Be My Maybe" is the recommendation for any Taurus buddies in the household. Ali Wong plays a celebrity chef, so that means we get to drool over amazing dishes on screen. Randall Park is her childhood friend who is in an unsuccessful band. It’s funny, warm, and surprisingly realistic as we see how much growth we still have to achieve, once we’re grown-ups. 


Geminis like a quick wit and good banter. This sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of information and technology, so you can see where this is going. They understand better than any other sign that getting communication right is the key. They get frustrated when there’s miscommunication, but once this is resolved, it sets them on a course for love. 

So, Geminis should choose romantic comedies where there’s plenty of communication throughout, and the more explicit this is, the better. For instance, try 90s favorite, "You’ve Got Mail" or "Love, Simon." "To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before" is another winner for the Gemini in your life.


Cancers love sweeping emotional dramas, so even though they crave a happy ending, they don’t mind the couple having to go through some stuff to get there. Cancers understand that nothing is quite as easy as in movies, but when they need to feel comforted, a straightforward love story can do the job. Family is also important to Cancers, so any movie with a single parent or someone trying to find love after the death of a spouse will appeal to them. 

A movie that has plenty of family scenes is "Moonstruck." The plot follows an Italian-American woman who falls for the younger brother of her fiance (hello, drama!). As one could imagine, this causes some scenes! Another great movie for Cancers is "Last Christmas," set in London, there are plenty of snowy Christmas scenes for the romantic, moony sign.  


If you think Cancers love drama, you don’t know Leos. They love romantic gestures and fantasy. They also love the comedy side of the romantic comedy, so anything slapstick will tickle their ribs. Modern, razor-sharp, and annoyingly funny, Leo is the life and soul of a group, and they want a love story that reflects that, too. 

With the hair, the shoes, and the huge transformation, you can’t go wrong with "Pretty Woman" if you’re a Leo lover. Leos also like to dream of their prince or princess, so a classic like "Coming To America" (featuring the healthy comedy dose of Eddie Murphy) can also tick several boxes. Amy Schumer’s "Trainwreck" also ranks highly on the list for Leo’s, as her character is brash and loud, which Leos can relate to. 


Those born under the sign of Virgo are all about details but in an understated way. They shy away from the drama that Leos crave. They like rules and helping people, so a movie plot where these come to the fore is appreciated. Virgo likes clever dialogues and two characters swapping thoughtful sentences are sure to get their libido to pay attention. They like stylish pieces that reflect reality (Virgos love "Mad Men") but nothing that tips over into fantasy.

Always thinking practically, Virgos will relate to J-Lo’s character in "The Back-Up Plan." Other Virgo favorites could include the witty scripts of "Desk Set" or "Broadcast News." Both are good for them because they are set in the workplace, and you can bet that many Virgo dream of eyes meeting over the photocopier. 



Probably the most romantic sign of the Zodiac, Libras always return to their goddess, Venus. They truly believe in ‘the One’, and the more poetic it is, the better. They don’t need a movie to go through all the nitty-gritty - it just has to look pretty and work. Musicals also are favored by Libras. Get a snappy script and two attractive people, and Libras will buy in.  

Libras are pretty easy to please when it comes to a romcom, and they probably have a stack of old DVD's that they love. Wedding scenes feature highly in their preferred romcoms, so if you pop on "My Best Friend’s Wedding" or "Four Weddings and a Funeral" or "Mamma Mia!," you’ll make Libra very happy. "The Wedding Planner" wins big, with plans and love (plus McConaughey - surely the king of romcom himself?)


Scorpios are often mysterious creatures and they love a bit of secrecy. Lure a Scorpio in with something dark and slow-paced, probably not your typical romantic comedy. Scorpios appreciate passion and loyalty and they have a sense of what’s right, so they’ll dig deeper to ensure that they’re picking out the right mate. Deep connections and those who fight for their love will score highly with a Scorpio.

The spy drama, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," is a former favorite for Scorpio, although they might find the fact that the real-life couple is no longer together off-putting (seriously). If they are going for the macabre, then "The Lobster" is a dystopian comedy, starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz, in which people are turned into animals if they don’t find their soulmate. Both of these may not follow a romcom tradition, but they’re the right movies for Scorpio.


Sagittariuses are blessed with a broad mind. They particularly like adventure and freedom, so something a little outside the ordinary will appeal to their mind. Sagittariuses have been called the bachelors of the zodiac, so independent spirits, whether male or female, are seen as attractive in their eyes. They are quick-witted too, so the comedy element is vital. 

In looking for a romcom to appease the Sagittarius character, go for something with great travel images - "Last Holiday" works, as does "My Best Friend’s Wedding," but the one that comes out on top here is "Crazy Rich Asians." Two strong-willed characters, the fabulous vistas of Singapore (and other cities), and plenty of talk about freedom. 


Capricorns care about status symbols. The way to their heart comes in three letters, not four: C.E.O. They are an earth sign, so they keep it real, but they know that hard work gets them wherever they wish to be. The thing is, love might be hard work, but you don’t always get the pay-off. Capricorns are also responsible, so if there’s family involved, they’ll be looking after everyone. 

So, what should you watch as a Capricorn? Think high achievers and stand-out individuals. Any plot where the character is big, brash, and deserves the awards. "What Men Want" is a rib-tickler, "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" will do the job, and Capricorns have a soft spot for "The Proposal," starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. 


People-oriented and even a bit out there with their forward-thinking ideas, Aquarians are often intrigued by high concepts. They like things to be elaborated, and they can always work it out. They don’t often go in for one-on-one intimacy, they prefer groups and clubs, so a plot with many characters excites them. 

If you’re looking for something to watch with an Aquarius, "Down With Love" is a good romcom for them, and Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger are delightful in this movie. "Love Actually" and "Playing by Heart" are also good choices for Aquarians, as they love multiple storylines and quirky characters in unconventional situations and relationships.


Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac. They are fiercely romantic, empathetic, and compassionate. As a water sign, they are drowning in emotions and they love a teary love story, especially when it seems almost impossible. Throw in some magic, some surrealism, even something that is wild fantasy and Pisces will lap it up.  

An alien falling in love with a human or anything else that probably couldn’t happen right here on planet Earth is great for Pisces to escape on a Saturday afternoon. Try the very sweet "About Time" with Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson, the kooky "50 First Dates," in which Drew Barrymore’s character can’t remember Adam Sandler or the touching "Everything, Everything." Also, make sure to bring tissues and ice-cream.