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What Exactly Is Numerology?

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If you’ve spent any time looking at horoscopes or exploring astrology, you would have come across the mention of numerology.

Simply put, this is the study and influence of numbers in your life and can be used to describe a person’s traits or make forecasts. Numerology imbues each number with a particular significance, and may also be used with the numerical values of the alphabet.

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Overview of Numerology

Although the term numerology is a very recent one, dating back only to 1907, the concept goes back thousands of years. The power of numbers was recorded in ancient Egypt, Babylon, Rome, and China, but it was Pythagoras who turned the study into a science.

Numbers hold value, both numerical and spiritual. Numerology, in its simplest terms, is the relationship between a number and its mystical nature on both an individual and worldly level. Numerology is also the study of the numerical value of the alphabet. You can see examples of the power that has been given to number in the number of the beast (666), unlucky 13, and the lucky 8 in Chinese tradition.

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Your Numerology Portrait

When using numerology for personal applications, you will hear the term numerology portrait.

This can be equated to your astrological birth chart and tells you about your personality traits and the person you might become. Unlike a birth chart, your numerology portrait only requires basic information to create: your name and date of birth. The calculations themselves are very simple too and can be done with just a pen and paper. From these two things, you can determine the six numbers that make up your numerology portrait.

Souls Urge: This is calculated by adding up the numerical value of all the vowels in your name. Your soul urge number will reveal to you your innermost desires and what you need to make you truly happy.

Personality number: this calculation uses the value of the consonants in your name, and describes the aspects of your personality that you reveal to others.

Power number: found by adding your soul's urge number and personality number together, your power number shows your strengths.

Birthday number: the simplest of all the numbers to arrive at, this is simply the day of the month on which you were born. Your birthday number will describe the first impressions that you make.

Life path number: add up all the values of your date of birth, day, month, and year, to calculate your life path number. As the name suggests, this value will tell you the path you will take in life and describe the core of your identity.

Attitude number: this is your day and month of birth only added together, and shows the attitude you have towards life.

Possibly the most important of all these is the life path number, which could be compared to your sun sign in astrology. Once you uncover the details it can help you to reach your full potential and ultimately find fulfillment.