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The Relationship Between Numerology and Astrology

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Astrology and Numerology share many followers, though they appear to be different fields entirely. Astrology looks at how the position and movement of celestial bodies impact individuals. Numerology, on the other hand, focuses on meaning in names and numbers. 

These very different fields have more in common than you would think, though. For one, they are both ancient sciences exploring metaphysics, and they can both be used to help guide you in life. The two disciplines complement each other, and in many ways are interconnected. 

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Shared Energies

With numerology, it is the numbers that exist in people’s lives that are most important. The energies of the numbers, which come from the time and date of birth as well as their name, have meaning that will be revealed by an expert. 

Astrology finds its meaning in the cosmos. The birth date is used not for the numbers, but to determine where a person was born in relation to celestial objects such as the moon, sun, and other objects in the sky. Experts make complex calculations based on these positions and can determine a lot about an individual through them. 

A Scientific Approach

Great scientists over the eras have understood these meanings. Albert Einstein has acknowledged the significance of both Numerology and Astrology, and he has spoken about the vibrations numbers have, and how important numbers are in the formation of the universe and the human mind. His statement was a callback to Pythagoras, who was the first person to understand the energy vibrations that numbers have.

What binds the two disciplines above all else is mathematics. The two fields both require a strong mathematical discipline from its practitioners and to be an expert in either Astrology or Numerology, it is important to have an understanding of the other. Numerologists should know how the planetary alignments impact human behavior and feelings, and Astrologers must understand the messages that numbers can tell us. 

The Numbers of the Cosmos

Numbers and celestial objects are connected. Every number between zero and nine is represented by an object in space, and the numbers are linked to the Zodiac signs. The number "zero" is connected to Pluto, while "one" is connected to the Sun and "two" to the Moon. The planet Jupiter is connected to the number "three", and the Moon’s node Rahu is connected to the number "four". "Five" is connected to the planet Mercury, "six" to the planet Venus, and "seven" to Ketu, which is the other lunar node. The planet Saturn is connected to the number "eight", and Mars to "nine".

These connections show just how intertwined numerology and astrology are. Astro-numerology is the combined practice of the two, and when you are looking to improve your life through a metaphysical approach, you should definitely consider using the two practices in coordination with one another for maximum understanding. Some practitioners of Numerology regard the practice to be a numerological form of Astrology, acknowledging the strong connection between the two.