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The Best Zodiac Themed Hotels for Astrology Connoisseurs

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The interest in astrology has gained traction over the years. Whether it’s Mercury in retrograde or the phase of the moon, people are looking to get advice from star signs on things like jobs and their careers to baby names, and even travel.

If you’re looking for the next ultimate travel destination that’ll get you closer to the cosmos, check out these hotels that have astrology-themed amenities.

Let the Moon Guide Your Relaxation

The Waldorf Astoria Spa in Cabo San Lucas offers an out-of-this-world experience for its guests. Visitors are treated to moon phase massages, served “moon face” drinks at the spa, and are treated to foot scrubs that harness the healing powers of each lunar phase.

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Constellation Based Cocktails

Hive & Honey Rooftop Bar at the Marriot Irvine Spectrum offers guests in Southern California the opportunity to sip celestial cocktails. The drinks are inspired by the cosmos. Bold Leo signs can try the nectar of the gods topped off with gold cherries, while the artistic Virgo signs can enjoy the "Plight of a Genuine Maiden." In the evenings, use your stargazing apps to find out which constellations match your cocktail.

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A Specific Sun Sign Getaway

In Mulia, Bali, if someone is asking you for your sun sign, they’re not flirting with you, but instead are trying to make your trip better. At Nusa Dua, a luxury astrology hotel in Indonesia, guests can plan activities based on their zodiac signs. Restless Aries can enjoy water sports, Tauruses who love a touch of hedonism can enjoy a meal from a Michelin-star chef, and Virgos who are shy can escape to private villas for a bit of “me time.” There are activities like yoga and meditation as well for and guests born under any star sign.

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Experience the Full Zodiac Inspired Treatment

Deemed the world’s first astrology hotel, in Sydney Australia is the Ultimo. Guests receive astrologically decided recommendations for restaurants and much more. The hotel has an in-house astrologer who provides city guides based on each star sign and visitors can book several packages that come with extras such as thorough explanations of your full astrology report or natal chart.

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Enjoy Astronomy While Learning Astrology

Outside Scottsdale, Arizona is Mountain Shadows, a stylish desert retreat that sits at the base of Camelback Mountain. It’s situated in the most perfect spot to stargaze, and the hotel offers Cocktails Under the Cosmos, a program that coincides with astrological events like super moons with cocktails based on their own star signs. A local astronomy professor also guides you through the night sky and guests can use a powerful telescope to discover the mysteries of the cosmos.

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Hangout With Stars Based on the Stars

In LA, people come to search for famous stars, instead, you can be guided by them. The W in Beverly Hills launched its Zodiac Guide package in 2020 and collaborated with Susan Miller, a founder of Astrology Zone and a popular astrologer. She provides guests with a city guide based on their sign, and guests also receive a specialized zodiac sleep mask. Each individual can relax in their own celestially inspired way.