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Which Disney Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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Pisces - Ariel

You're often daydreaming but you'd like to escape this realm of life and be Part of Their World. Your sign is, quite literally, the fish, which makes perfect sense that you'd be Ariel. You're a hopeless romantic ready to fall in love. But be careful, you tend to be overly trusting. Remember to be a little skeptical of the people you meet!

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Aries - Jasmine

You tend to be more short-tempered and impatient. Nobody can ever tell you what to do and if they lie, you'll certainly catch them. A good adventure is all you need to stay happy... as long as there's not a man giving you directions on when to stop and go. Remember to TRY to follow the rules!

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Taurus - Tinker Bell

You're extremely reliable and when you're devoted to someone or something, there's no questioning your loyalty. This can sometimes come off as you being quite stubborn but we all know you just want the best for everyone. Remember that change isn't always a bad thing!

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Gemini - Alice in Wonderland

You're the life of the party and everyone knows you're on the very best stuff. Being around people is exciting and without the social aspect in life, you'd just lose it. But as you're the twins, you tend to disappear and leave people hanging. Remember to complete your adventures and try to stay put for just a little!

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Cancer - Cinderella

You're going to make the perfect housewife if you're not there already. After all the hard work you've put into sweeping chimneys and mopping floors, you've earned your spot in the high life. Remember that you can do it and try to be positive!

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Leo - Nala

You're a big fan of the attention and everyone looking at you - center stage, baby! Nobody can forget you but that's because you certainly don't allow anybody the opportunity to. Remember, you can achieve anything but don't let your pride get the best of you!

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Virgo - Belle

Everything needs to be perfect and you'll work until the end of time to make sure. You probably want to fix every guy you meet which can certainly be worth it. Remember, though, not every project is worth your time - pick your projects wisely when time is of the essence!

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Libra - Snow White

All the girls in your life are jealous of you because you're a total bro. Even guys want to be as bro-y as you. You get along with everyone and you're usually pretty fair - you bring harmony into every group. Remember, you can't trust everyone though - don't bite into the poisonous apple!

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Scorpio - Megara

Your main goal in life is to protect your heart, but this often has you missing out on what could be true love. Most people think you're very secretive and untrusting. Remember, as much as you love to find the truth, there really are good people out there - not everyone is trying to hide something from you!

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Sagittarius - Aladdin

You have a great sense of humor and you're definitely a 'Yes Man!' - you want to make everyone happy but there's a good chance you often don't pull through on your promises. Remember, you can't please everyone and you won't reach a "Whole New World" by doing this!

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Capricorn - Mulan

You define yourself by your accomplishments and working hard is your specialty. You can follow the rules easily and you tend to be the responsible one in your friend group. Remember, though, sometimes it's good to take a break and let loose - forget about self-control!

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Aquarius - Captain Jack Sparrow

Sometimes you're so mysterious, it's hard to tell what side of a fight you're even on. You want things to move forward but you're also not willing to compromise and this gets you absolutely nowhere. Remember, caring about issues is important but without change, there's no progress!