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Gemini and Aquarius Love Compatibility

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When Gemini and Aquarius both come together, it’s an exciting time. These freethinkers offer a bunch of stimulating activities and are super curious. The seeds of love start to grow, and there is nothing too taboo or off limits for an Aquarius, and Geminis are down to try anything. Lots of experimentation in the bedroom and on dates. Gemini’s are typically restless and Aquarius types are accepting of this and are drawn to their unconventional behavior. The Aquarius charms the Gemini by having original ideas and even though both signs like to occasionally go their own way, they don’t take it personally as they’re both understanding and realize the importance of intellectual independence and the need for having separate friends.


The Glue

There’s always something to learn and talk about in the Aquarius-Gemini relationship. Gemini’s nerves can be soothed by an Aquarius who is known to be mentally stable and calm. And even though Geminis may be confused as to why an Aquarius will get fixated on an idea, to the point of obsession, they’re still respectful of their partner's focus. Geminis can learn from an Aquarius regarding how to tap into their brainpower. After the initial lust phase of their relationship, the partners can be inspiring to each other and build a foundation of enduring love. This is the glue that keeps the two signs together. Uranus rules over Aquarius and is known for sudden movements, and Gemini also is quick to change and has an erratic rhythm. Bonds can break just as easily as they were formed, and both can escape when things get too close for comfort.

Working Together and Finding Purpose

When both signs have a shared purpose such as cultivating a passion or raising children this can lead to a strengthened bond. Both signs can brainstorm together to flesh out their plans and make sure they follow through. Even though both Gemini and Aquarius typically have big friend circles, they still cherish spending time with those most beloved to them. Both signs know that life goes on and is grateful to come together whether it be for just a season or an entire lifetime. They are both a perfect match and have lots of room to grow together.

Pros and Cons

Pros include being both curious and friendly, and they enjoy being trendsetters and enjoy learning new things. They both have similar emotions which makes them stable partners if they so choose to be. Cons can include being flighty, and their “easy come, easy go” behavior can make it a struggle to form attachments and it takes a bit more time for them to settle down. The essential need of being honest and loyal in a relationship can also breed easy mistrust between the two signs. A common purpose keeps the two signs together, even if Geminis and Aquariuses have really different personalities. The two signs can become partners for life, if only they can control their fickleness.