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What Are Mood Rings and How Do They Work?

Image by Gary Hershorn/GettyImages

In 1975, two New York Inventors Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats created the mood ring. They became famous in the 70s and are now widely used. Mood rings are said to reveal your emotional state by showing you a specific color. But how does it work? Mood rings contain a thermotropic liquid that displays distinct colors depending on your body temperature. It will tend to darker colors when you are stressed or in a bad mood, and vice versa if you feel happy or excited.

Mood rings usually have a scope of 7 colors and they all reflect a certain state or emotion:

Pink - happy, romantic

Purple - romantic

Dark Blue - loveable

Blue - relaxed

Green - active

Brown - nervous, anxious

Black - cold temperature, stressed.

The best way to keep your mood ring for a long time is by protecting it from water and other chemicals.