Your Love Horoscope for September 21st, 2023

You may get asked out on a date by a coworker today! This energy could even have you having a spur-of-the-moment intimate experience with someone you meet at a nightclub, Gemini. This is due to Mars in Libra in your 5th house sextile the Moon in Sagittarius in your 6th house. If you have children with your partner, you should do something active together as a family, like go to the zoo or go on a scenic hike. Perhaps you should show up to your mate’s work with some takeout to enjoy together. Your love horoscope for today ended, but there are plenty more love fortunes waiting to be told. Continue to your love fortune >>



Your appetite is quite high and you may enjoy trying new foods. You may also have an increased work ethic and sense of self-worth. This is due to the Moon in Sagittarius in your 6th house trine Venus in you... Read your Gemini general horoscope for today >>


This energy is auspicious for you to ask for a pay raise, promotion, or bonus. This is lovely for you to get a second job, side hustle, or start a business. This is due to Venus in Leo in you... Read your Gemini wealth horoscope for today >>