Your Love Horoscope for April 25th, 2024

Consider where you need to give and where you need to draw the line, Sagittarius. As the Scorpio Moon forms a dynamic quincunx to Venus in your houses of dating and future planning, you’re challenged to stick to your goals regardless of others’ expectations. You might have to disappoint some people to keep yourself afloat, but the right person for you will stick around! Your love horoscope for today ended, but there are plenty more love fortunes waiting to be told. Continue to your love fortune >>



Go on that spontaneous first date or follow through with that small business idea of yours! As the Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus and your ruler, Jupiter, in your houses of fun and group matters, it’d be a wonderful time t... Read your Sagittarius general horoscope for today >>


Redecorate your home with some new artwork or rebrand your business this week! As the Moon forms a creative trine to the Mars-Neptune conjunction in your houses of domestic life and future planning, it’d be the perfect time to finetun... Read your Sagittarius wealth horoscope for today >>