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All You Need to Know About Aries Signs

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All About Aries

Aries Sign Dates: March 21 - April 19

Aries are the brave warriors of the zodiac. They’re courageous, confident, and independent. Symbolized by the Ram, Aries are great at tackling problems head-on. As the first zodiac sign, it marks the Spring - the season of new life after death. It is the life force with zero time for nonsense. The Aries’ ego might be a little tough to handle sometimes, but they reconcile just as quickly as they charge to battle. You just have to love them! 

Aries sun sign: Aries.

Your Element: Aries is a Fire sign. The other fire signs are- Leo and Sagittarius - they are all about creativity and physical activity. Fire is the element that inspires us to forge ahead, even in the face of resistance. People born with this force are inclined to be optimistic, passionate, and action-oriented.

Your Quality: Cardinal. The universe’s unyielding forces, the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricon - are active and physical. They’re natural leaders and like to set things in motion.

Aries Ruling Planet: Mars. Mars is the planet of war, aggression, competition, and desire. It might sound frightening but think of it as childlike, with the absence of fear for nothing and no one. It inspires strength and the fulfillment of our passions. 

Aries Zodiac Symbol: The ram. The ram’s horns signify aggression and masculinity, as well as the “front line” approach Aries take to new developments.

Key phrase: “I am.”

Your one-word mantra: “Restraint.”

Aries Personality Traits

Aries Best Traits: Aries are independent, natural-born leaders, creative, and entrepreneurial. They are kids at heart with infectious dynamic energy. They’ll share their spunk with you when you’re boxed up in a corner and grappling with anxiety and uncertainty.

Aries Worst Traits: The negative sides of an Aries can manifest through impatience, selfishness, and a short temper. While they’re great at coming up with ideas and in decision-making, they can get bored easily and become frustrated. These folks detest being controlled and enjoy independence - yet, that doesn't mean they necessarily consider themselves accountable.

Best careers: As natural leaders, Aries signs tend to be successful entrepreneurs and innovators, adept deal-makers and medical practitioners, and shine in sports and entertainment. However, these folks are better at starting new projects than keeping old ones going. 

As a friend: An Aries friend will readily support your endeavors. Even though others may accuse them of being competitive, they celebrate their friends’ small and big wins. But don’t forget to do the same in return. They can be direct in conflict but they don’t dwell on it and move on from arguments quickly.

As a parent: Young kids at heart, Aries can understand better than others their children’s emotions and motivations and can keep up with their kids’ energy at playtime. Though their patience can sometimes run short, they are their little ones' biggest fans and loudest cheerleaders.

As a partner: Aries lovers possess a collaborative spirit. Sharing interests and hobbies is essential to them. They fall in love fast and are remarkably physical. Super hot sexual chemistry is a strong feature of their relationships.

Aries Secret Traits that go unnoticed: A typical Aries is a dogged, independent, type-A personality, but on the flip side, they’re among the most sentimental and romantic signs in the zodiac. Expect elaborate gestures and nice little notes, and of course plenty of sex, travel, and adventure.