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10 Best Tattoo Ideas for Virgo Zodiac Signs

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Tattoos are an excellent way to express yourself, especially if you’re a Virgo. There’s something special about astrology and the designs associated with star signs are totally magical! When it comes to Zodiac signs and ink, there are some far-out looking tattoos you’ve got to see! Let’s check out some amazing cosmo-inspired tattoo designs to inspire your potentially new ink!

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Beautiful Virgo Tattoos

This design is all Virgo. Down to the elegant and intricate design, this Virgo symbol mixes well this the constellations, making the design an overall winner.

Image by thetattoohut.com

Simple and Gorgeous

You don’t always need to make a statement, and with this minimalist symbol, the tattoo is perfect for something simple and chic.

Image by risquetattoos.com

Unique as Can Be

This bold design has an interesting version of the Virgo symbol and it looks beautiful and intricate.

Image by yourtango.com

Not Your Plain Old Constellation

With just a few tweaks this Virgo sign’s constellation is taken to a different level. It doesn’t seem too overcrowded and the entire design brings about many cohesive elements.

Image by cooltattoo.ml

Right to the Point

This no-nonsense design is perfect for your wrist and it looks super cute!

Image by cooltattoo.ml

Impeccable Design

An absolutely magical design, this tattoo is one of two signs put together. The Virgo and Scorpio signs combined with a bit of magic!

Image by goodtattoos.tk

For a Good Cause

Virgos are all about helping and supporting people, and with this tattoo design, you can see how the Virgo tattoo is merged close to your heart.

Image by cooltattoo.ml

Beautiful Blue

This is the perfect tattoo if you want sleek, simple, and chic. Blue resembles the birthstone that many September Virgos have.

Image by presslogic.com

Stars Aligned

This one-of-a-kind constellation design is completely unique to Virgos.

Image by 123rf.com

Stars Aligned, Perfect Design

If you want an elegant and beautiful design, then this constellation look is perfect for your next tattoo.