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Capricorn Woman: Personality Traits, Love, and More

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Capricorns are a total powerhouse, but don’t let their intensity turn you away. At times they may come across as stoic and even a bit stern on the outside, but inside, they’re emotional and incredibly sensitive, even if they don’t show it all that often. They also may not be ones to show you how they feel right away, as they don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves.

This grounded Earth sign possesses the ability to communicate clearly and Capricorns do tend to get stuck in their own ways. Melancholic brooding and letting things fester for ages is a common behavior and it takes a while for Capricorns to divulge what it is that’s truly bothering them.

It’s difficult to transition from a well-thought-out plan As to sudden plan Bs, even if plan B may be the better choice. Capricorn women can be serious, focused, and hardworking but can also let loose, but the vacations and outings will need to be carefully planned out. 

Capricorns are known for their dry and sarcastic sense of humor and it may catch you off guard when you hear a loud belly laugh coming from her. Capricorns are secret weirdos of the zodiac who have a penchant for culture, music, and art far from the beaten path.

Love and Sex Life

In their younger years, Capricorn women are known to have a tricky time with love, and even as a youth, she’ll have a difficult time not viewing every lover as the one that is supposed to last forever. Even on the first date, Capricorn signs are running scenarios through their heads about growing old together and watching the sunset on the front porch reminiscing about the good times. Love, at first sight, isn’t what Capricorns are about and it may even take a long time for her to come around and realize that she likes you. If you’re tired of waiting, test your love compatibility with a Capricorn first. They’re also oblivious to flirtation and Goat women sometimes require you to be direct and just ask them out. It’s important to just let it all out on the line and let Capricorns know how you feel, otherwise they may have no clue. Get prepared to see the wilder side of a Capricorn, especially in bed. She is known to be a complete beast when it comes to sex and even though she’s a boss in real life and enjoys being in control, in bed she prefers the opposite. 

Home Life and Family

Capricorns are happy to be at home and prefer to stay around the kitchen table and control every part of the experience. When she entertains guests, she’s got to be in control of the temperature, lighting, music, and overall vibe to relax. Going out on the town is more of a chore and involves planning. She is also dedicated to her children and takes to raising them very seriously. There may also be a more fatherly-like air about her, and her type of maternal love revolves around following rules, showing respect, and providing protection.