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10 of The Most Extraordinary Gemini Tattoos

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As time goes by, the popularity of tattoos keeps increasing, and even though they were frowned upon, more and more people are getting them. People are especially drawn to getting Zodiac sign tattoos, as well. One of the most common being the Gemini tattoo, which is elegant and holds a deep meaning to the people who choose to get one. Picking out the right tattoo is no easy task as they’re a permanent solution, so it’s best to make sure the idea isn’t temporary. Below is some inspiration for some of the best Gemini tattoos out there if you’re considering getting one.


Women who are Geminis like this symbol if they’re expecting to carry a child in the future. The symbol of fertility represents the chance of being blessed with children.

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The Gemini Symbol

The Twin

Going with the traditional Gemini symbol is a good choice. If you want to add an extra touch, these beautiful flowers are the perfect addition.

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Gemini Constellation Tattoo

Why not have the stars on your arm? This conversational piece is a unique design for you to discuss the meaning behind your different-looking Gemini tattoo.

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Gemini Moon

Consider getting yourself a Celtic moon, which is another type of Gemini design. It’s different than the run of the mill tattoos out there and it’s also elegant and one of the best moon tattoos we’ve ever seen! The intricacy is truly remarkable.

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Earth, Water & Fire

Earth, Water, and Fire represent the three elements important to Geminis. This tattoo has the elements in three triangles and the design is simple, yet impactful. It can go anywhere on your body.

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The Girl on the Pole

Gemini promotes both females and humanity and this girl-on-the-pole tattoo is great for anyone who appreciates the gracefulness and fine art of dance. This tattoo has an upside-down girl that exudes refinement and elegance.

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The Sun and the Moon Kiss

There are many stories behind the Sun and the Moon. They’ll collide in battle but then reunite together in love and we believe that this is what this tattoo shows. Put war aside and come together for the sake of love. This tattoo is pleasing to the eye and is all about love and peace.

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Gemini Astrological Symbol

Gemini tattoos have many women in them and this particular tattoo deals with right and wrong and the two being balanced on a scale. This large tattoo covers most of the back, but you can also scale down the size of the tattoo and place it anywhere else on the body.

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Gemini Knots

Little knots remind us of promises and this tattoo is perfect for anyone looking for something that’s not too big or bold. The small and elegant tattoo can be placed anywhere, even on your ankle.

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Gemini Dolphin

This small tattoo can be placed anywhere, too. It’s a combination of a dolphin and the Gemini symbol showing how the two can work together harmoniously. The tattoo represents how nature and man can work together and we all know how intelligent dolphins are. This tattoo will hold great meaning and look good on you!