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These Six Tips Can Help Introverts Become Better at Socializing

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Introverts can often do better on their own than with others, but that does not mean they do not want to socialize. Many introverts crave a good social life, despite finding it difficult.

Even if you do not naturally excel at socializing, you can have a great social life if you take steps to improve. Let’s look at six tips that can help introverts become more social.

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Take Time to Think of Things to Talking About

Introverts are not the best at the sort of ordinary small talk people have in social settings, and if they are in new settings they won’t know enough about the people there to fit into many of the conversations.

A good way to work on this is to come up with things to talk about before you go out. Whether it is something in the news or an interesting project you have been working on lately, having these in your head ahead of time will keep the conversations flowing smoothly.

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Have Something You Want to Accomplish When You Go Out

Social events can feel like confusing places, with so many people and no clear purpose. One way to make them manageable is to come up with goals to accomplish while you are there. The goals can be to find a collaborator on a project or to make at least two new friends.

Whatever they are, having goals will help give a purpose to your social encounters besides just being social for its own sake, and it will make them feel more comfortable and natural.

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Pace Yourself

A lot of socializing can make an introvert feel overwhelmed. Even though socializing isn’t uncomfortable for you, it also probably is not something you can do every day.

Try to pace yourself, and don’t plan too many things close together in your schedule.

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Try Helping the Host

If everything is going well, then this is not necessary, but if you show up somewhere and spend an hour feeling completely lost, consider helping the host out.

You can help serve food and beverages, and it will be a great way to get to know the host better. They will definitely invite you back!

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Have a Wingman

The best way to navigate a new social situation is to have a wingman guide you through it. 

They can introduce you to other people they know you will get along with, and they will guide you into the conversations.