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This is Why Everyone Needs a Virgo Friend

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Virgo Personality Traits

Virgo Sign Dates: August 23 and September 22

It’s in a Virgo’s nature to try and be as helpful as possible. They’re smart and like to have intelligent conversations with friends. Virgos tend to look for friends that have a depth of character, a spiritual awakening, and a certain profoundness about themselves. Virgos want to experience head on the mysteries of the world and to contemplate existential questions. Virgos do lack passion, dynamism, spontaneity, and intensity at times, so here are some reasons why everyone needs a Virgo friend and what you can do to help fill the void. 

Virgos can get right to the point and be honest and straightforward with you. They can also be supportive and helpful to the max, as well as be serious and discrete with any secrets you may share with them. They’re empathetic and sensitive, and are very caring, friendly, and will do almost anything to support you.

They Won’t Befriend Just Anyone

Virgo signs trump Leos when it comes to compassion and they can be extremely supportive. However, Virgos also require reciprocation and need to be appreciated. They’re of course doing things unconditionally for you, but that doesn’t mean that one should take them for granted. Virgos are trustworthy because they’re straightforward and honest. When you ask them something, be prepared for the blunt truth. You’re also in safe hands and can tell Virgos just about anything, even your darkest secrets.

Virgos don’t judge and they’re profoundly serious and discrete about friendships. Virgos can also be perfectionists and impose strict rules for themselves. This means that they’re looking for specific traits in the friends that they choose. Another thing you should be aware of is that Virgos are very attentive to their finances. They also work hard and are both patient and calm with their friends.

Virgos hold onto their feelings and keep their thoughts to themselves at times because they’re known to be very introverted people. They create a protective shell to avoid being disappointed or hurt.

They're Calm and Patient

To become friends with a Virgo, you must prove to them that you’ll never take them for granted and that everything will be fine. Virgos also tend to strive for excellence and expect the same out of their friends so this amount of pressure should be expected and be taken the right way. Virgos are calm and patient, but much like Scorpio signs, they can be intense and passionate.