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How the Seasons Relate to Your Zodiac Sign

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The Seasons and Your Sun Sign

By observing the season in which you were born, you can reveal the strength of your sun sign!

To understand your moment in the sun, you can look to astrology and get a better idea of your zodiac sign. Also known as a solar season, just like the four seasons we experience on Earth, zodiac signs align with the sun over month-long periods. The sunshine aligns with your sign and highlights and influences your life. Aspects of your life ruled by other zodiac signs will impact your life even if you weren’t born under that specific sign.

Let’s take a look at how aspects of your life can be affected by the solar seasons.

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Hibernation has ended, the seeds are planted for future crops, and Spring is just beginning. Aries is a trailblazer and Spring represents birth. Because Aries is an initiator, your world will begin to experience new beginnings and you’ll be introduced to new obstacles that will challenge yet motivate you to move forward.


Once Spring has been established and we enter late April, it’s time for Taurus to impact people's lives. Taurus enters the lives of those who need new encouragement to get different results in various ways.


You may begin to have a desire to learn more about affinity and synthesis as nature does so too. Spring dawns and we enter the last part of the season, which means survival relies on the ability of nature to adapt to changes in the environment.

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You may feel more sensitive than usual as maternal instincts become stronger at the beginning of Summer. During this time, nature is busy taking care of the produce from Spring.


A love of life, confidence, and enthusiasm is projected by Leo, and nature is in full bloom. During this time, you’re reminded of the generosity of Mother Nature.


Another transition will begin with Fall just around the corner. Virgos must get ready to work because Winter is also approaching. During this time, you must understand what needs to be done and what responsibilities you have.

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Justice and balance are the end goals as the leaves turn color and nature and humans are working together in harmony. This is a time to cooperate with both others and nature.


The stronger will survive as the sun moves and the more delicate parts of nature fall. Scorpios are like nature, and you will find deeper meaning as you regenerate. Winter is coming but Scorpios face this without fear.


Foresight is a natural ability of Sagittarians and they practice this with intensity and passion over the last part of Autumn.

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As nature rests, animals seek refuge and you begin to build a fortress of protection surrounding your vulnerable feelings and environment. You also use the same sensibility and austerity to survive.


Now is the time to reflect on the new year. Even though there’s little to do outside, Aquarius can be creative and make new things. This is a time to control emotions and be patient.


It is time to dedicate your life to a cause, just as nature starts anew. Spring looms over the long Winter months and this changeable time encourages new thoughts about what’s in store.

Every season has its own magic!

All seasons should be treated as an equal blessing and they should serve to remind us of the entire zodiac system, no matter what your individual star sign may be.