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All You Need to Know About Cancer Signs

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Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Zodiac Dates: Jun. 21 - Jul. 22

Going through a tough time? Just been through a breakup or your boss is stressing you out? Ring up a Cancer (they might even sense your distress before you utter the first word). Even better, you’ll find comfort in her tight embrace. Want to learn more about the nurturing “mothers of the zodiac”? Let’s get right to it. 

Cancer Sun Sign: Cancer.

Cancer Element: Cancer is a Water sign. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the intuition specialists of the zodiac. These water signs are vast vessels of emotions, are extremely sensitive, and have incredible gut instincts.

Cancer Mode: Cardinal. Say hello to the zodiac’s half-starters, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Tied to the start of each new season, they are action-oriented and, unlike Geminis, adept at turning ideas into accomplishments. 

Cancer Ruling Planet: The moon. The moon illuminates our deepest, most intense emotions and helps us understand our intuitions, memories, and reactions. The moon’s powerful impact on the waves reflects the constantly-changing moods of Cancer. 

Cancer Symbol: The crab. This crustacean’s outer shell protects its weaknesses from the precarious outside world. Just as it’s quick to sink into the sand at the perception of danger, so quick is Cancer to withdraw from perceived threats.

Cancer One-Word Mantra: “Open.” This sign is not a risk-taker, but they won’t experience life’s greatest moments from inside a shell. 

Cancer Personality Traits

Cancer Best Traits

Drawing from their wealth of empathy, Cancer signs relate to people (and animals and plants) close to them on a deeper level. This highly-intuitive sign goes the extra mile to make people around them feel sincerely understood.

Cancer Worst Traits

Cancer gives so much of themselves to others that they often end up feeling drained. They naturally tend to put the needs of others before themselves.

Secret Cancer Traits

Don’t take their empathy for weakness or you’ll be surprised. The crab is amazingly persistent, and they never quit on who they love.

Best Careers For a Cancer

They may have a gentle demeanor, but don’t be fooled, Cancer is a resolute highly-efficient, worker. Their selfless nature may manifest in their line of work (think teaching, hospitality, social worker), or what drives them (attain financial security for their loved ones), notwithstanding their career path. 

Cancer Compatibility

As a friend: Folks under this sign can sense when someone’s being real or not. To them, a few friends-for-life is more valuable than a throng of fleeting acquaintances. If you’re in need of a good listening ear, hit up a Cancer.

As a parent: Ensuring her brood is safe is their utmost concern. Their young ones flourish in their love-filled abode. Cancer signs function best when they know they are needed - helping with homework, making chocolate cookies, drive their kids to dance class - it gives them a sense of purpose as a parent.

As a partner: A relationship with a Cancer is an intimate affair. Count on them to be there through it all; celebrating your accomplishments during your highs and supporting you during your lows. Open up your heart to them often (or you’ll be in danger of experiencing the crab’s jealous side).