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What Is Psychological Astrology? 5 Ways You Can Use It in Your Everyday Life

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Psychological astrology combines astrology and psychology to help one understand their potential, the challenges we experience in life, and how to overcome obstacles in order to live a more fulfilled existence. By understanding more about our own birth charts, we can recognize the uniqueness of ourselves and better understand others. We develop patterns, naturally, and the psychological part of understanding psychological astrology involves observing how through “nurturing” we develop patterns. We also take on certain defenses and strengths so we can address these adaptations. The “nature” aspect is the astrological part that uncovers our cosmic DNA to reveal divine lesson plans.

The combination of nature and nurture from psychological astrology can help individuals express themselves to their highest potential. It’s important to note that psychological astrology isn’t about predicting things completely, but instead about tapping into our unlimited capacity to grow and learn. Just having some basic understanding of celestial bodies like the sun, moon, and star signs can make a profound impact on your daily life.

You Can Understand Yourself

There are two sides to every sign. For example, a Capricorn may know that the sun and moon in their sign are at certain points in the night sky. This awareness reinforces the meanings behind positive characteristics like hard work, getting things done, emotional expression, creativity, and generosity. At the same time, under stress, a Capricorn can forget to rest, become uncontrollable, and needs to be in the spotlight getting all the attention.

Understand & Empathize With Others

When you realize for example that your partner's behaviors are textbook Cancerian, you can empathize with her better, even if they’re emotional, maternal, needy, clingy, and irrational. Due to the fact that you know her expressions as a Cancer, you can skip over the judgmental behavior on your end and be more compassionate towards her.

Forgive Yourself

You may self-sabotage when your sun is in Scorpio. The stringer of your Scorpio sign may lash out and be unaware of where that stinger is being swung and who else you may be harming. Because you can recognize this, you can give it a name, choose to stop, re-evaluate, and take care of yourself first to make a positive shift.

Make Decisions

Reading your birth chart can help you make a decision regarding which educational path to choose. Due to understanding and applying some meaning behind what you are going through, you recognize your strengths and can decide to write a beautiful book of poetry about the preservation of the natural world. By knowing what is most important to yourself and understanding your values, you are able to make a sound decision.

Remember We Are All Part of Something Larger Than Ourselves

Horoscopes are created by analyzing the relationship between planets and your sign. Instead of predicting what will happen, it’s important to take a step back and realize your place in the universe. By doing so, you open yourself up to the fact that sometimes things may not make sense, and that’s okay. The ability to know this helps keep you grounded and tame a seemingly chaotic universe so that you can continue to grow.