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How to Read Your Birth Chart Like an Astrologer

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A map of where all the planets are located in the night sky at the exact time you were born is referred to as your astrology birth or natal chart. Your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities to grow, and determining important decisions can be calculated using a birth chart. All that is required is your place of birth, date, and time.

Start Your Year With a Birth Chart Reading

On your birthday and at the beginning of the year is a great time to look over your birth chart. “Natal plus transits” are what we’d suggest using for the new year and may require help from a professional astrologer because explaining things can be a bit complex. You begin by starting with your own birth then comparing it with the position of celestial bodies. There is a fixed wheel in the middle that never changes, this inner wheel has planetary symbols that represent our birth chart. The outer wheel with orange symbols are planets that are moving. The goal is to compare the two charts when the blue and orange planetary symbols transition and activate certain energy which can present opportunities or challenges. By tapping into this you can make future plans.

Transit Birth Charts Help With Planning

You don’t have to stick to using transit charts only for New Year’s Day though, you can put in a past or future date and compare. These charts are good for planning and can help people make travel plans and bookings, plan wedding dates, or determine career moves. Check out if the skies are clear on your transit chart. You can use transit charts to get meaning out of past important moments in your life such as relocations, breakups, deaths, job losses, love, and career decisions. See what was happening in the stars back then and get some clarity.

Astrologers Look for a Few Key Things in Birth Charts

These things include the “aspects” or angles that will be formed between any two celestial bodies if there are three or more planets in one sign because this tends to create a heavy concentration of specific energy. The balance of elements like earth, water, air, and fire, as well as a balance of qualities like cardinal, fixed signs, or mutable planets. Which zodiac sign of the 12 houses each planet in the chart is in like Mars, Venus, or the mood’s zodiac sign which is the house for love. If you need to work harder then Saturn will appear, and Jupiter could be a lucky sign for you. The pattern formed by planets creates seven classical shapes on the chart. Overall, an astrologer will add up all the qualities and elements to give a score to the chart.

How Long Have Astrology Birth Charts Existed?

They date back thousands of years when considering the Western astrology system, but the Sumerians, back in 6000 B.C. have noted the journeys of stars and planets. The Babylonians started to expand on the Sumerian's astrological system around 3300 B.C. and they developed the zodiac wheel we use today around 700 B.C. (the oldest dates back to 409 B.C.).