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How To Make Healthy Habits Second Nature

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Discover how to reduce the friction between the new habits you desire to have and your current habits so that you can structure your life and make your goals become a reality. Let’s create a better foundation for ongoing and long-term health.

1. Specific And Actionable Intentions

Instead of just broadly stating that you're going to gain muscle and get in shape, try phrasing it into an action plan like, “every other day this week, starting at 7 am, I’ll go to the gym and do strength training for 30 minutes.” The first example is just intention with no action. The second thing to do is setting yourself up for success with the intention of working out and meeting your goal.

2. Create Effortless Routines By “Habit Stacking”

By linking a certain behavior to an established routine, you can implement a new habit easier instead of using a specific time and place as your cue. For example, if you want to take up meditating, and you drink tea or coffee every morning when you wake up, try getting your meditation in before your morning cup.

3. Make New Habits Feel Extra Rewarding by “Temptation Bundling”

This method involves combining habit stacking with temptation bundling. For example, taking advantage of something you already do and combine it with something should do, but tend to avoid. Like if you want to get back into reading but get distracted by Netflix. Commit to reading 30 minutes right after eating and then follow up with 30 minutes of Netflix.

4. Phase-out Unwanted Habits With New Ones

Instead of trying to forcefully eliminate a negative habit, attempt to crowd it out completely with a new healthy alternative habit. For example, add an alternative snack to your diet that may be healthier. For example, instead of eating salty potato chips, eat something similar such as salty roasted chickpeas. Phase-out the old and replace it with something upgraded, new, and healthier.

5. Get Your Environment to Work in Your Favor

Consider setting up a supportive environment that encourages your healthy habits. Or, try and make it so that your old behaviors will be a whole lot more difficult to get in the way of your new, healthy habits. For example, if you want to run in the morning, put your workout clothes near your bed, and have an alarm clock on the other side of the room. You’ll be forced to get up, and while you’re up you might as well put those workout clothes on and get to running!

6. When Life Gets Nuts, Have a Plan “B”

Sometimes life just happens. Obstacles are thrown your way and things just don’t go as planned. Instead of giving up, have a plan B. You wanted to go to the gym but ended up getting period cramps, instead, do a yoga routine at home. Having a plan B helps you keep momentum when life throws you a curveball every now and then.